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Two notable trends have caused us to take a hard look at the mission of Profit magazine: the advent of cloud computing and radical changes in the way people consume information. As a result of these trends, we have decided to cease publication of Profit magazine after the current issue.

Moving forward, our staff will merge with our amazing partners at Oracle Magazine to produce a new, always-on web publication that covers the whole of Oracle—from sample code and product tips to big corporate initiatives. This is an exciting challenge for our team, and we’re confident that the end product will serve your needs better. Stay tuned for more information about what’s coming next from Oracle Publications.
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Big News
Vodafone Fiji
Call to Action
Vodafone Fiji stays nimble in the face of fast growth thanks to Oracle technologies.
Flying High
Textron moves to the cloud for security, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.
Autonomous Future
The Future Is Autonomous
Autonomous agents—powered by AI—are transforming society one service at a time.
Getting Real with Your Customer
Focusing on actual customer needs spurs innovation.
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Vodafone Fiji
Vodafone Fiji Innovates with Autonomous Database
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud accelerate real-time operational reporting and predictive customer churn with 6x performance improvement and zero administration for 600 million records a day and 50 terabytes of data a month.
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Oracle Industry Talk: Data-Driven Innovations
Online | October 1, 2019

Join us at this webinar followed by a live Q&A, as we look at the business benefits communications service providers can realize by adopting Oracle Cloud technologies through a built-for-purpose solution for data-driven innovation (DDI). 
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Vodafone Fiji stays nimble in the face of fast growth thanks to Oracle technologies.
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