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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We explore the major themes and lessons of Oracle OpenWorld, such as how to make the accelerating changes in technology and customer expectations work to your advantage. And if data is a crown jewel of enterprise business, what tech and industry moves are being made to help manage and protect it? Plus we look at SailGP, a new global sailing league that uses cutting-edge technology to put fans at the center of the sport.

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
Integrated Cloud
Oracle Expands Its ‘Integrated Cloud’
“Your Oracle workloads are the crown jewel of the enterprise, and we know that,” Oracle CEO Safra Catz said during her keynote on September 17 at Oracle OpenWorld. The growing value of that data helps explain why Oracle is so focused on creating an integrated cloud, explained Oracle product leaders during the keynote, demonstrating their strategies, including horizontal integrations between Oracle’s cloud and two new Oracle partners, VMware and Microsoft.
AI trends
How Oracle Bucks AI Trends 
At OpenWorld, Oracle Executive Vice President Steve Miranda emphasized how Oracle has incorporated machine learning algorithms into its comprehensive, tightly integrated suites of cloud applications. He also broke down several AI myths. #1 on his list? Customers must build systems themselves. Don’t do it, he says. Read why it pays off to skip the DIY AI approach, plus what’s next on Miranda’s list of four myths?
Sail GP
The Sport of Sailing Is Ready for Takeoff
SailGP is a new global sports league where boats and crew members are monitored by more than 1,000 sensors, with real-time data being transmitted over Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to racers, event announcers, umpires, and fans. Announcers use the data and multimedia feeds to add a colorful new dimension to their commentary, wowing fans with insights and on-boat live-action reports. 
Software Upgrade Delivers More Jobs for Visually Impaired Workers
Traditionally, most of Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired’s jobs were in manufacturing and assembly. This changed when IBVI implemented Oracle Cloud applications across its back office. Better compatibility with text-to-speech and other tools helped the company create new independent opportunities in customer service, purchasing, and accounting.
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