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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We offer a best-of from Oracle’s chairman and CTO at Oracle OpenWorld and learn what 12 new data centers (with many more on the way) mean to customers around the globe. Plus, we discover how Vodafone Fiji keeps the deals rolling to customers and a new way for developers to get up to speed with Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and apps.

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
OOW Highlights
Five Highlights from Larry Ellison at Oracle OpenWorld
The top takeaway from Oracle Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison’s keynotes and talks? People who insist that technology will eliminate everyone’s job are missing the point. “Fundamentally, the world we live in is changing,” he said. “Life is going to be safer. Data is going to be safer. We’re going to do less tedious work and more interesting work, because a lot of the routine tasks are going to be automated away.” Four more highlights.
Clay Magouyrk
The Cloud: High Security and Maximum Flexibility 
At OpenWorld, Clay Magouyrk, senior vice president of software development for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, highlighted Oracle’s 12 new data center regions offering its Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure during the past year—and the company’s plan to expand to 36 regions by the end of 2020. The goal: give customers around the world what they’ve been asking for most. Two big benefits of the expanded network.
Vodafone Fiji
Vodafone Fiji: Nimble in the Face of Fast Growth
For Vodafone Fiji to maintain market dominance, it has to keep the deals coming. A lot of science goes into figuring out which deals to offer to which customers at which times, which is why Vodafone Fiji’s Ronald Prasad upgraded to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse cloud service. “We can now easily extract insights from data collected and analyzed and adjust our promotions,” Prasad says.
New Training Helps Developers Start Building on Oracle Cloud
Check out new training opportunities from Oracle partner Pluralsight. They have built a new set of expert-led courses to help developers get up to speed with Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and apps. This hands-on training includes 12 months of free access to Oracle Cloud courses.
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