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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
Read how Oracle is forging its own path in cloud infrastructure, including the way it provisions its own cloud data centers. Then learn how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is changing everything from the way companies use AI to recognize fraud to how they make your streaming TV play smoothly on any device. 

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
OCI Strategy
Oracle’s Unique Cloud Infrastructure Strategy 
“We have a very different model than anybody else,” Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison said at the company’s September meeting with financial analysts, likening Oracle’s on-demand model for building hardware for its data centers to the way Tesla sells cars. “We don’t believe in shipping SUVs to dealers,” he says. “...Someone orders an SUV, build an SUV.” Five more major differences. 
Smooth Streaming with the Cloud
Bothered by buffering during your favorite sporting or award show event? Streaming company Phenix wants to help. Its service offers latency delays of usually less than half a second on all its client platforms, from browsers to phone or tablet apps. How can Phenix pull off this trick? By using its own advanced algorithms—and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—to deliver video without buffering, even when the data link is slow, noisy, or error-prone.
Autonomous Agents—Powered by AI—Are Transforming Services, and the Future
The true potential of machine learning and autonomous computing involves improving day-to-day business decisions, such as how to price products, recognize fraud, and circumvent customer churn, says Chuck Hollis, senior vice president of cloud infrastructure at Oracle. Hollis coined the term autonomous enterprise to describe organizations where many decisions are made with the help of machine learning models. 
Checking the Balance with Oracle Cloud Account Metering REST APIs
“How much have I spent so far?” is a typical question we ask ourselves daily. Oracle Cloud account metering REST APIs reveal a lot of such useful information about your Oracle Cloud account. You can, for example, check your subscription details, credit promotions, resource usage, cost, and quotas. Read this and other expert articles in the Aces in Action blog.
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