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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
Learn how the cloud makes it easier for finance teams to bring data analysis to their work. Next, read how the Always Free database is helping college students get more ambitious about their projects and see how CARE is improving the way it keeps donors in the loop with its humanitarian work.

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
Fusion ERP
Introducing Oracle Analytics for Fusion Enterprise Resource Planning 
The cloud should make it easier for business users to apply data in the “everyday work experiences of employees and their work groups,” said Oracle’s T.K. Anand, explaining how the new Oracle Analytics for Fusion Enterprise Resource Planning helps finance teams track progress and avoid pitfalls. What else did Anand disclose at Oracle OpenWorld?
College Developers
Five Ways the Cloud Changes the Game for College Developers
With the new Always Free service, more students are learning to use the latest database features and computing power. One ambitious student project called for a robust database environment, recalls Brendan Tierney, a lecturer at Technological University Dublin. “And within five minutes, I had everyone working in Oracle Autonomous Database.” Four more payoffs.
Delivering Transformation: CARE Streamlines Operations with the Cloud
In the past, CARE’s global humanitarian aid program ran financials offline, and thus lacked current information. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, CARE can get fresh information every 30 minutes. See what the CARE organization is accomplishing with its new approach. 
Smart Tech HR
Smart Technology Provides a More Personal Approach to HR
New features in Oracle’s cloud-based HCM services include extensive self-service functions facilitated by a mobile-device-oriented, voice-enabled digital assistant powered by AI. “It’s really about how employees are interacting with the organization and how we can enable them to do that in a more efficient, better way,” says Oracle’s Chris Leone. What’s inside?
Free VM
Tech Dive: Installing Node-RED in an Always Free VM on Oracle Cloud
Node-RED is a powerful and fun programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs, and online services in new and interesting ways. Here, learn from Todd Sharp, a developer advocate for Oracle focusing on Oracle Cloud, how to create a VM with the Always Free tier for Oracle Cloud, which you can use to install Node-RED.
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