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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
Recent survey results suggest we might learn to love working alongside AI. Satellite imagery, digital maps, and other tech tools should make the 2020 US census more efficient. Plus, learn about YouTube tech stardom and huge wheels for farming and off-roading.

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
Robot Advice
50% of Workers Asked a Robot (Not the Boss) for Advice
Are we learning to love working alongside artificial intelligence? That’s one way to read the results of the second annual survey about AI in the workplace conducted by Oracle and Future Workplace. Rather than feeling fearful about a robot takeover, 65% of the respondents said they are “optimistic,” “excited,” or even “grateful” about the possibilities. Other surprising revelations?
2020 Census
2020 US Census Gets Better Tech for Efficiency, Accuracy
The US Census Bureau is taking advantage of the latest technologies and datasources for its 2020 count of the US population. One example? Using satellite imagery, digital maps, and other tools to verify 65% of addresses—drastically reducing the number of required in-home visits. Five key challenges for the 2020 count.
Developer Career
Want a Nontraditional Developer Career? 
Why not become a YouTube influencer? That’s what Caleb Curry did by producing 1,200 tech videos, including tutorials for Java, Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX), and the autonomous database. Becoming a technology influencer is not as crazy as it sounds, especially as the demand for coding education and boot camps increases. Learn what first put Curry in the spotlight.
Video: Oracle Cloud Helps Titan Keep Its Big Wheels Turning
A manufacturer of wheels and tires for agriculture and other off-road markets, Titan International made the switch from on-premise to Oracle ERP, IoT, and SCM cloud applications. “Now our inventory is more accurate and more available in a timely manner so we can better support our customers,” says Jeff Blattner, director of IT. And that’s not the only benefit.
Hey Siri
Tech Dive: Hey Siri! Create My Oracle Autonomous Database!
What happens when Manish Kapur, director of Oracle Cloud Platform, tries a fun experiment, attempting to automate the creation of an Oracle Autonomous Database instance with Siri on iPhone? Follow his five steps to see how easy it can be and how to “use a similar approach and do lots of creative things” on Oracle Cloud, according to Kapur. 
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