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How to Get into Data Science

More and more data science is happening inside Oracle Database. Why? “Algorithms are small, and data is big,” says Charlie Berger, a senior director of product management for machine learning, AI, and cognitive analytics at Oracle. “Because we moved the algorithms inside the database, you don’t have to move ever-growing amounts of data out to somebody else’s open source code and algorithms.”

With Oracle Autonomous Database, when you click the Oracle ML Users link, you’ll find Oracle Machine Learning–based notebooks where you can gather data and apply algorithms from an extensive library. Next, you can use a simple Zeppelin notebook to build and test ML models.

Berger believes it’s easier to teach someone who already speaks SQL how to do ML in the database than it is to teach Python or R users about SQL. Do you agree? Write me with your thoughts.

Alexandra Weber Morales, Oracle Director of Developer Content 

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