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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We’re writing about a best-selling author’s ideas for international AI and data privacy standards, 3D body scanners to get shoppers into stores, a project to improve healthcare in India, and a way to get a public cloud inside your own data center.

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
Do We Need a World Trade Organization for Data?
A WTO for data would “create standards for artificial intelligence, standards on privacy, standards on the rule of law,” says noted political scientist and best-selling author Ian Bremmer, speaking at Oracle OpenWorld. A flourishing economy enabled by such standards would reward participants and diminish outsiders, so that, for example, “if the Chinese do not align with it, they’re going to be big but they’re going to be stuck with [few] technology trading partners.” Why is this new WTO necessary?
Alton Lane
Retailer Builds a Hybrid Model Well Suited to Its Customers
In a recent study by Oracle NetSuite and partners, 42% of all shoppers and 63% of millennials said they would pay to have a more personalized shopping experience. This is what men’s retailer Alton Lane offers: Instead of finding a store filled with endless racks of suits, customers get a personalized fit by a stylist with hundreds of measurements taken by a 3D body scanner. The technology behind the business.
CARE Proves Progress Is Possible Against the Toughest Problems
With a population of more than 110 million, Bihar is one of India’s poorest states. Since 2011 CARE has been involved in improving healthcare in the region. The results have been significant, including 20,000 fewer deaths of newborns in 2016 than in 2011. But improving outcomes means communicating needs and results with donors.
Oracle Exadata Cloud
What’s New in Gen 2 Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer
With the arrival of Generation 2 Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer, Oracle has launched a product “ideal for IT organizations that want a public cloud experience in their own data centers,” says IDC’s Carl Olofson. What’s new in this release? For one, an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure control plane provides a consolidated view of and control over systems and databases, whether in the public cloud or Exadata Cloud at Customer.  
Ghost in Oracle Cloud
Tech Dive: Stand Up a Free Blog in 15 Minutes with Ghost in Oracle Cloud
In September Oracle announced an Always Free tier for Oracle Cloud, giving developers and students the ability to experiment with Oracle Cloud. Here, learn from Todd Sharp, a developer advocate for Oracle, how to use this tier to get a new blog online by following six easy steps.
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