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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:
We look at why business transformation is so hard and how to persevere. Then we cover a new study that explores the world of the hyperconnected city, and find out how a premium water company in Hawaii stopped leaking money. Plus, the many opportunities awaiting DBAs in the age of autonomous databases.

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
Doug Kehring
Business Transformation: Four Hard-Won Lessons
Business transformation is hard, says Oracle’s Douglas Kehring, executive vice president of corporate operations, which is why fewer than 20% of companies have succeeded in sustainably improving their business performance. What’s the #1 key to success? The executive mandate. CEOs must recognize “that only a new approach will dramatically improve the company’s performance” and insist upon reinvention, Kehring says.” What’s next on his list?
ESI ThoughtLab
Get Ready for the Hyperconnected City
The “smart city” is so yesterday. Meet the new hyperconnected city—where advanced connectivity projects use AI, IoT, and other tech to improve public health and create unprecedented business opportunities. This according to a new study by research firm ESI ThoughtLab and sponsored by Oracle. But the survey did reveal the one way these cities are still unprepared.
Waiakea Water
Waiākea Water’s Growth Formula: Volcanic Water, Better Data 
Despite its rapid expansion in the premium water space, startup Waiākea Water was watching its money reserves drain away. Then, consultants helped integrate quality systems and programmable-logic control panels with its new cloud software, Oracle NetSuite. Now, “we can easily add demand planning or advanced manufacturing as we grow,” says CEO Ryan Emmons. 
Video Western Digital
Video: What Changed Once Western Digital Could Access Data 25x Faster? 
“Nobody can refresh their company data warehouse for a company this size in 20 minutes, but we can” since moving to Oracle Cloud, says Bill Roy, senior director at data storage company Western Digital. The task once took 8.5 hours.
DBA Skills to Gold
Tech Dive: Three Can’t-Miss Ways to Turn Your DBA Skills into Gold
As more enterprise database management work is taken over by autonomous databases, DBAs are finding interesting new opportunities to explore.
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