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January 2020
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JDK 15 Early-Access Builds

Schedule, status, & features (OpenJDK)

Release notes
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Build 3 (2019/12/21)
Changes in this build
Issues addressed in this build

These early-access, open-source builds are provided under the GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception.

Linux / x64 tar.gz (sha256) 198471225
macOS / x64 tar.gz (sha256) 192621839
Windows / x64 zip (sha256) 198668092
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bullet Refactoring using Functional Programming
by Arvind Kumar GS
bullet Testing HTML and JSF-Based UIs with Arquillian
by Josh Juneau
bullet Master Functional Programming in Java with Five Interfaces
by Cameron McKenzie
bullet For the Fun of It: Writing Your Own Text Editor, Part 2
by Ian Darwin
bullet  Exploring NLP concepts using Apache OpenNLP
by Mani Sarkar
bullet Why You Should Avoid Using Exceptions as the Control Flow in Java
by Dursun Koç
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bullet  2019 JCP EC Election Final Results
by JCP
bullet Java Retrospective #3 – Most important Thing For The Community in 2019 
by Chris Stewart
bullet Eclipse Collections 10.1 Released
by Donald Raab
bullet The Best Way to Learn Java: 13 Best Tips for Beginners
by DonklePhant
bullet Why Every Developer Should Learn Java
by Sameer Kotian
bullet How is Java Doing?
by Nikos Vaggalis   
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Code One 2019 Panel Discussion
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Java and Didn’t Know Whom to Ask
Code One 2019 Panel Discussion
A panel of Java experts responds to audience questions in this session recorded at Oracle Code 2019. 
Java Modules: Why and How?
Java Modules: Why and How?
Presentation by Venkat Subramaniam 
What are Java modules? Why do we need them? How do we use them? Java Champion Venkat Subramaniam explains in this Code One 2019 session. 
February 1-2, 2020
Brussels, Belgium
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OpenJDK Committers’ Workshop
February 3, 2020
Vilvoorde, Belgium
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Jfokus Developers Conference
February 3-5, 2020
Stockholm, Sweden
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DevNexus 2020
February 19-21, 2020
Atlanta, Georgia
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QCon London 2020
March 2-6, 2020
London, United Kingdom
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JavaLand 2020
March 17-19, 2020
Bruehl, Germany
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Oracle Cloud Free Tier
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