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The latest issue of Java Magazine is now available in HTML, with the individual articles also available in PDF form. As you can tell from the following list of articles, the primary focus is on technologies that operate on the leading edge of Java programming today. These include programming the GPU in Java, doing searches and serving the results with Elasticsearch, and a first look at Java records—a new feature of the upcoming Java 14 release.
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In This Issue
Programming the GPU in Java
An in-depth look at how GPUs work, how to program them at a low level, and the libraries that facilitate straightforward programming from Java

Easy Searching with Elasticsearch
Using Elasticsearch’s high- and low-level APIs to do large-scale searches synchronously and asynchronously

Records Come to Java
A first look at how the upcoming Java 14’s data records—a first-class implementation of data aggregates—will change the way you code

In addition:

From the Editor: Mind Mapping Your Way to Better Code
A simple tool that works very well where lightweight code design is needed

Book Review: Real-World Software Development
An excellent project-based primer for junior developers who know the basics but want to learn idiomatic Java

Quiz Corner
Four difficult programming problems to test your skill and provide instruction on details of the language that correspond to topics on Java certification exams: enums, final classes, default methods, and StringBuilder conundrums
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