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Jeff Erickson
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Hear from three startup founders about what they think it will take to succeed in 2020. Next, learn strategies for keeping up with all the cool new stuff that shows up in your cloud app quarterly updates. Finally, find out how emerging tech is connecting cities in new ways and kick the tires on shiny new engineered system hardware.

Jeff Erickson, Oracle
Startup 2020 Priorities
Three Startup Founders Share Their 2020 Priorities
To succeed in 2020, founders ought to trade in megafunding, grow-at-all-costs strategies. So says Jason Williamson, vice president of Oracle for Startups as well as Oracle for Research, suggesting founders opt for sound business models and partnerships that provide the right mix of skills, tools, and markets to help them “earn it out.” Three founders who are doing just that.
Douglas Kehring
Four Steps to Getting More from Quarterly Cloud Updates
Oracle cloud applications provide more value with every quarterly update, but how can you best take advantage of all that innovation? The first step, says Oracle’s Douglas Kehring: Analyze new features to prioritize those that improve the user experience and productivity. His four-step methodology.
Hyperconnected Cities
How ‘Hyperconnected’ Cities Get Their Start
Hyperconnected cities use technologies such as the cloud, mobile applications, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to smooth operations, according to a recent Oracle-sponsored study. Buenos Aires, for example, deployed a cloud-based field service system to help city planners lay out construction projects for 150,000 sidewalks in need of repair. Three more key characteristics.
Private Cloud Appliance
New Private Cloud Appliance Provides Cloud-Ready Power On Premises
The Oracle Private Cloud Appliance “is a wire-once, software-defined infrastructure system that can radically simplify the way your organization installs, deploys, and manages virtual environments,” says Oracle’s Bill Jacobs. The latest version, called the X8-2, is 45 percent faster than the previous generation, with 17X as much storage, and offers a step toward eventual migration to the public cloud.
Java in OCI
Tech Dive: Install Oracle Java in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Oracle Java, a widely adopted and proven Java Development Kit, is now included with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure subscriptions at no extra cost. Here, discover how to install Oracle Java on Oracle Linux running in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute shape by using RPM’s available yum servers. Try it for free with Oracle Cloud Free Tier.
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Podcast: The Future of Retail and Marketing
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