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Jeff Erickson
For you this week:

Learn how the Kansas City Chiefs’ digital content team is telling the deeper story of their amazing season. Next read how blockchain is helping Volvo ethically source the materials for its electric car batteries and how SoCalGas has gotten creative to encourage conservation. Finally, watch the story of doctors at South Korea’s Sejong hospital who provide lifesaving heart surgery to children at no cost. 

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
Kansas City Chiefs
It’s Always Crunch Time for the Chiefs’ Digital Team
You can bet the Kansas City Chiefs’ digital team is resting this week after a long season and an exciting Super Bowl LIV. This season they've been “on the hook to do something new, something special,” says Mike Cukyne, vice president of content and media operations. This included a documentary series about players’ lives, long-form content, and more to connect the team with fans across many different media platforms. How the cloud makes it possible.
Volvo Mines Blockchain to Keep Ethical Sourcing Promise
Blockchain is drawing interest among supply chain managers because it provides a clear audit trail. Seeing the “entire chain of custody” has given Volvo’s SVP of procurement, Martina Buchhauser, confidence that every player in the battery supply chain is meeting expectations for ethically sourcing cobalt and other raw materials in lithium-ion batteries.
California Utility Spurs Conservation with Friendly Competition
How do you get customers to conserve? Since 2013 SoCalGas, the largest natural gas distribution utility in the US, has partnered with Oracle Utilities to use metered data and machine learning to create reports on customers’ power usage—and comparisons with neighbors—along with energy-saving tips. How much do customers save every year?
Sejong Hospital
Video: Sejong Hospital Fights Heart Disease with the Cloud
The only cardiac specialty hospital in South Korea has transformed the lives of more than 1,600 children suffering from heart disease—for free. “With Oracle Cloud, lifesaving decisions that used to take hours can be made in minutes,” says Chairman Jinsik Park. Watch
Gerald Venzl
Tech Dive: Five Ways to Get an Oracle Database
Here’s one way: Check out the Oracle Cloud Free Tier, for a free, fully featured version of Oracle Autonomous Database. Just provision your database and then use SQL Developer Web to get going. Get four more ideas from developer evangelist Gerald Venzl.
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