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Chris Murphy
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Oracle CEO Safra Catz shares her personal experience of leading a big digital transformation project—and how it is bringing dramatic gains for the company. Also, learn why good data science must be a team sport, what chief information security officers are worried about in 2020, and how you can build a basic ecommerce site on free Oracle Cloud resources.

Chris Murphy, Oracle 
Safra Catz
Digital Transformation: We’ve Faced the Same Challenges at Oracle
The hardest part of a digital transformation is often not the computers or software, but “the entire rethinking of how to operate in a modern global environment,” says Oracle CEO Safra Catz, who spoke at the recent Oracle OpenWorld Europe in London. But these transformations can lead to better customer understanding, financial decisions, and operations. At Oracle, by using the company’s own cloud-based applications and infrastructure, “things that would take weeks, like supply chain planning, now take an hour,” Catz says.
Data Science
Data Science Is a Team Sport. Up Your Game
Oracle built its new Oracle Cloud Data Science Platform to make it easier for data science teams to collaboratively build, train, and deploy machine-learning models. The goal: “To increase the success of data science projects,” says Oracle’s Greg Pavlik, by adding capabilities such as shared projects, model catalogs, team security policies, and reproducibility and auditability features. What else does it deliver?
CISO Priorities 2020
Chief Information Security Officer Priorities for 2020
Vivek Khindria, Loblaw’s CISO and vice president of security and risk, says the real “skills shortage” facing CISOs is that everyone in the organization—not just those in IT security—needs more knowledge of cybersecurity issues. CISOs must arm all their colleagues with basic cyberskills, so they can apply security to their everyday work. Other big priorities.
Video Exadata 2
Video: Strategy and Roadmap for Cloud and On-Premise Leadership
Here’s an in-depth dive into Oracle Exadata’s roadmap, from the recent Oracle OpenWorld Middle East. “The Exadata advantages are increasing every year,” says Oracle’s Amit Kanda, explaining how its unique architecture provides the foundation for both online transaction processing and analytics, in the cloud or in your own data center. Watch.
Tech Dive: Meet MuShop, a Cloud Native Microservices Demo
MuShop shows how developers can, using only Oracle Cloud Free Tier, build an ecommerce site (for selling cat products) as a set of microservices by using code hosted on GitHub. The basic deployment of the reference app uses a free Oracle Autonomous Database and one or two free Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instances, along with nine other free components. Learn the steps.
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