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What’s New in Java 14

The Java team has done it again. Adhering to a rigorous, every-six-months release schedule, they’ve packed Java 14 with features that make coding easy, efficient, and powerful. They’ve fully incorporated switch expressions, which were first previewed in Java 12, added pattern matching for instanceof, and improved the JVM with NullPointerExceptions.

As Java’s 25th anniversary approaches, it’s cool to see how Java is evolving for new paradigms such as microservices (Helidon), polyglot (GraalVM), and containers and Kubernetes (Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator).

Is there a world-changing app you’ve seen written in Java? Tell me about it!

Alexandra Weber Morales, Oracle Director of Developer Content 

This Handy Table Shows What Features Have Been Added Since Java 8

Java Flight Recorder in Java 14

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