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It’s Getting Hot Out There

May 20, 2020
Greetings from Phoenix, Arizona, where it’s summertime already. Or at least it feels that way: We have had seven consecutive days above 100°F/38°C. Meanwhile, parts of the northeast United States are still receiving snow. We live in interesting times, that’s for sure.

Speaking of interesting: As we announced last year, Java Magazine is moving away from an old-fashioned monthly publishing schedule to a continuous publishing stream of new articles, quizzes, and other technical material. The first phase encompassed a transition to our new website. Phase two: Starting right now, we are publishing new material on the website twice per month, once at the beginning and again a few weeks later.

From time to time, we will also present a short video; here is the latest. Later this year, Java Magazine videos will include interviews with Java, GraalVM, tools, and related technology experts who will briefly share tips, suggestions, and behind-the-scenes peeks at the internals.

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Newest Articles
Pattern Matching for instanceof in Java 14
Mala Gupta, Java Champion and developer advocate at JetBrains, explains that pattern matching for instanceof simplifies the use of the instanceof operator in Java. With the introduction of a binding variable, it avoids the need for additional variables or explicit casting—making your code safe, and concise to write and read.

The Best of the JDK Face-Off
As we celebrate Java’s 25th anniversary, let’s reminisce about some of the platform’s most talked-about innovations. What’s more, Sharat Chander would like YOU to vote on your favorite! We hope you’ll participate.

More Great Reads

Five Code Review Antipatterns
Code reviews are essential but are not always done correctly. In this article, Trisha Gee points out, and rants about, particular antipatterns we’ve all experienced while being subjected to code reviews or submitting pull requests. It’s time we all do better.

The Unsafe Class: Unsafe at Any Speed
From time to time, you might need to break the rules. One technique for doing so is to use Unsafe, which is potentially dangerous, because it provides a way to do certain things that are otherwise impossible and that break well-established rules of the platform. Ben Evans tells you everything.

JUnit 5.6 Makes Testing Easy with New Features
Here are a few of Mert Çalışkan’s favorite things in the latest update to JUnit, such as the ability to explicitly define an execution order; define declarative timeouts; and condition test executions based on JRE versions, environment variables, and specific system properties. You can even run tests in parallel, if you choose.

In Addition
Machine Learning Book Review
Book Review
Machine Learning: Hands-On for Developers and Technical Professionals
Andrew Binstock lauds Jason Bell’s book on AI and ML development as the best introduction currently available for Java developers—yet with more care, it could have been the definitive treatment.
Quiz Corner
A tough Java quiz will be posted each Tuesday. Visit Java Magazine or follow us on social media to try the latest challenges from Simon Roberts and Mikalai Zaikin.
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