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Week of June 1, 2020

This week: A new institute at USC brings AI to cancer research and treatment, rugged mineral mines enter the digital era, and an Oracle partner protects paychecks. Plus: Java celebrates a quarter century, and counting.
“Computers are showing us that they can see things we can’t, so we’re taking these techniques that have been perfected for other domains and transferring all that knowledge over to pathology.”
Dr. Dan Ruderman, Director of Analytics and Machine Learning at the Ellison Institute 
Ellison Institute
Can AI find and treat cancer?
The Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC is using AI to potentially recognize cancer and even recommend a course of treatment.
Chipping away at waste
Canada-based tech company MineSense mixes power shovels, sensors, X-rays, and autonomous databases to help mines become more sustainable and efficient.
Boss Insights
Paycheck protection
Oracle partner Boss Insights helps banks meet government regulations, detect fraud, and handle reporting for the US Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).
Celebrate Java
Let’s celebrate Java
In its 25 years, Java has grown to help developers meet new challenges from technological advancements—and it hasn’t finished evolving. ceo podcast
Express yourself
Rado Raykov, CEO of, discusses how his startup is making customer feedback more immediate and intuitive in the era of social media.
Tech library
Announcing Oracle Visual Builder Platform

What are Oracle ACEs up to?

Dynamic CPU scaling in Oracle Database 19c

The best of the JDK face-off

Five tips for developer productivity
8x8’s video meetings boom
As 8x8 saw use of their video meetings solutions soar while COVID-19 spread, the company moved to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from AWS and achieved better performance and savings of more than 80%.
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