March 2020 Edition Oracle Developer Partner Community Newsletter
June 2020 Edition Oracle Developer Partner Community Newsletter
Dear Developer Partner Community,
Thanks for the joint business in fiscal year 2020, June 1st starts the New Year for Oracle. Partners play a key role for Oracle integration and digital assistant. SaaS solutions like HCM, CX and ERP Cloud need to be integrated and customized. Attend SaaS Innovation Webcast with Suhas Uliyar, Vice President Oracle Product Management, July 9th 2020. Want to increase the Oracle PaaS business? Create new service offerings and solutions for the Cloud? Attend the PaaS Overview Webcast June 30th. Martijn Vlek, Vice President will present the latest PaaS sales plays, kits and how to get access to the Oracle Cloud platform.

Watch Yilmaz Ozturk, Boxfusion talks service ticket deflection, chatbots and more. We want to promote also your customer success, submit your story via the customer reference program.

In June and July we will host a series of 8 virtual Meetups. Hands-on workshops for developers to try the Oracle Cloud Platform, for details please visit the registration page here. You want to network with the Oracle Community? Join our local Oracle Developer Meetup across the world? Visit our Meetup overview page here.

How to become Chatbot - Digital Assistant Expert? We offer training material, free online training including free certification, documentation, trial services and support via our slack channel. Be prepared to innovate your next SaaS solution with Oracle Digital Assistant. For free hands-on CX and HCM virtual ODA bootcamps please see our overview page here. Pre-build chatbots are available for HCM. Want to engage with your employees on a conversational platform? Get the solution brief here.

Oracle is finding ways for organizations using WebLogic Server to run important workloads, to move those workloads into the cloud. By certifying on industry standards, such as Docker and Kubernetes, WebLogic now runs in a cloud neutral infrastructure. In addition, we’ve provided an open source Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator, which has several key features to assist you with deploying and managing WebLogic domains in a Kubernetes environment.
Jürgen Kress
For a short summary of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The June edition highlights the Kickoff Webcasts for PaaS & SaaS partners and Hands-on training’s to become an integration or chatbot expert. This month’s community webcast will focus on Netsuite Integration by Niall Commiskey. Join the PaaS Partner Community Webcast June 17th 2020.
Want to publish your best practice article & news in the next community newsletter? Please feel free to send it via Twitter @wlsCommunity #OracleDeveloperCommunity!

Keep Safe!
Jürgen Kress
PaaS Partner Adoption
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Tel. +49 89 1430 1479
Table Of Contents

Connect, Innovate & Extend SaaS Partner Kickoff Webcast July 9th, 2020
SaaS solutions like HCM, CX and ERP Cloud need to be integrated and customized.
Oracle Integration connects SaaS solutions with out of the box adapters.
Oracle Digital Assistant innovates SaaS solutions with pre-build chatbots.

Attend webcast with Suhas Uliyar, Vice President Oracle Product Management.
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Oracle Cloud Platform Partner Kickoff Webcast June 30th, 2020
Want to increase your Oracle Cloud Platform business? Want to create new service offerings and solutions for the Cloud? 
Attend this webcast with Martijn Vlek:

• Cloud Platform update
• Sales Plays & Cheat Sheets
• Customer presentations & demos & free trials
• Partner resources & support
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How to become Chatbot - Digital Assistant Expert?
Oracle Digital Assistant innovates HCM, CX and HCM solutions. Chatbots have quickly become a critical platform for interacting with users, customers, and prospects. For SaaS consultants and mobile we offer free Chatbot partner kit to become a hands-on expert:
Training material

At our community workspace (membership required) we published the latest training material. Please visit GitHub for additional training material here.
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ODA Trial

Please request your free Oracle cloud trial here or start instant with our playgrounds. It’s a shared instance for Oracle Bots Partners community members only, so:
• Use your business email address as your user id (not yahoo or gmail)
• Don’t delete anything you didn’t create
• Do not store any customer data
• Do not give anybody external direct access to this instance
• When you create skills, channels or DAs put your initials in the name and your email address in the description.


ODA instance:
Tenant: pmomceemea
North America
ODA instance:
Tenant: bots4saas
ODA instance:
Tenant: odapmapac
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Get Started documentation is published here.
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Sales Kit

Our Sales Central pages are loaded with new content to equip our sellers with all the materials they need. Sales kits include elevator pitch, cheat sheet, reference and customer presentation in ppt format: Digital Assistant & Extend & Enhance ERP, HCM & CX Apps with Oracle Digital Assistant 
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Get recognized become a certified Oracle expert: Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2019 Associate (1Z0-1071)
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Please post your questions in the community discussion forums:
Slack channel
Developer Community discussion forum
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The Six-part REAL Oracle Cloud platform Webinar Series – Cloud Native Live Demo and Hands-On Oracle Developer Meetup sessions – kicking off June 10th 2020 by Lucas Jellema
Attend this series of six live webinars to get going with cloud native application development on the Oracle Cloud platform, created and presented by REAL specialists. The Red Expert Alliance (aka REAL) is a network of Oracle partners on four continents that have joined forces to share knowledge and experience based best practices, to support multinational customers and together create energy, inspiration and fun. This webinar series is produced by the Red Expert Alliance – in collaboration with Oracle (especially with Jürgen Kress). REAL Oracle ACEs, ACE Directors and Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassadors have created the hands-on scenarios on Oracle Cloud platform and present the live webinars.
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Integrate Netsuite PaaS Partner Community Webcast June 17th 2020
Niall Commiskey
In this session we will discuss how OIC can enable Netsuite in all of the above areas. We will also present an eCommerce orders use case and how OIC enabled Shopify and Netsuite to synchronise orders and customers.
Presenter: Niall Commiskey, Director Product Management Oracle HQ
Schedule: Wednesday June 17th 2020 16:30 CET (Berlin time)
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Free Oracle trainings, take the opportunity to watch our community webcasts on-demand:
bullet Integration Insight
bullet Innovate HCM with Chatbots
bullet ERP Integration
bullet HCM Integration
bullet Extend SaaS with Visual Builder Cloud Service
bullet Integration Adapters
bullet Integrate SaaS
bullet Digital Assistant Update
bullet SOA Cloud Service
bullet Integrate ERP Cloud
bullet PaaS Overview Webcast
bullet Process Cloud Service Update
bullet Integrate HCM Cloud
bullet Functions and Cloud Native
bullet Cloud trials & community update
bullet Oracle Integration Cloud Update
bullet Robotic Process Automation
bullet Blockchain
PaaS Partner YouTube Update June 2020
The June video includes three topics:
• Kickoff Webcasts for PaaS & SaaS partners.
• Hands-on trainings to become an integration or chatbot expert.
• Netsuite Integration community webcast

For regular updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Thanks for your likes and sharing the video on YouTube and LinkedIn. For the latest PaaS Community information please visit our Community update wiki here (Community membership required).
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Watch Yilmaz Ozturk, Boxfusion talks service ticket deflection, chatbots and more
Yilmaz Ozturk
Yilmaz Ozturk from Boxfusion, a purely Oracle Partner, explains how ticket deflection, chatbots and cloud services can support their clients needs. For more information please visit the solution catalog
We want to promote your customer success! Have you implemented successful a solution based on the Oracle Cloud Platform? Submit your success story via the customer reference program.
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Become a Certified Oracle Expert
Become a Certified Oracle Expert
Enablement and certification is key to cloud success.
At the Oracle Competence Center and Online Learning Library partners can attend free on-line classes and certifications. Additional we offer the latest implementation exams ($245 or free vouchers) for:

Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2019 Associate (1Z0-1071)
Oracle Cloud Platform Application Development 2019 Associate I 1Z0-1043
Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2019 Associate | 1Z0-1042
Oracle Cloud Platform Content and Experience 2019 Associate | 1Z0-1040
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Developer Tools Section
Oracle Digital
Oracle Digital Assistant for Oracle HCM Solution Brief
Chatbots are valuable tools that can enable HR teams to provide easy, consistent access to HR services, processes, and policies. Explore how Oracle Digital Assistant for Oracle HCM brings value to any HR team with out-of-the-box transactions as well as the ability to build your own skills.
Displaying A Tip Of The Day Message In Oracle Digital Assistant Using The Oracle Web SDK by Frank Nimphius
Displaying a tip of the day was a very popular feature in client-server applications and on the web. The goal of such tips was to provide easily digestible information that could be fun or help you better understand a program or technology. For some time now I am observing that chatbot developers implement web application functions such as font formatting, dropdown menus, etc. in their web messenger (Oracle Web SDK). So I thought that a tip-of-the-day feature would be cool and engaging for bot users.
Production Quality
Building A Production Quality FAQ In An Hour With Oracle Digital Assistant by Grant Ronald and Asaf Lev
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are a common feature of most businesses and institutions. However in recent times the demand to get up-to-date official information from government departments (such as Health, Welfare or Education) or your place of work (homeworking policy, remote IT access etc.) have become a critical factor for many.
Custom Component
Setting Composite Bag Entity Item Values From A Custom Component by Frank Nimphius
This article explains how composite bag entity items that are based on complex entities like DATE, NUMBER or CURRENCY can have their values set using a custom component. The use case for this is e.g. to set a DATE item to a current date or set an item to a derived value. A sample skill and sample code can be downloaded.
Oracle Analytics Cloud
Integrating Digital Assistant in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) by Asaf Lev
In this article I am demonstrating how to integrate Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) in Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (OAC).
Over time, Oracle Digital Assistant product management has encountered many requests for embedding Digital Assistant in OAC for various reasons like
• assisting with questions about the organization terminology.
• meanings of a specific report values, “does the report about x exists in the OAC”, “what stands behind the calculation of value X”, etc
How-to allow customers to provide feedback on the usefulness of answers to frequently asked questions by Frank Nimphius
Sometimes a question is what it is; a question. In this case, it makes little sense for a bot to start a long conversation with the user. Instead, the bot should give a direct answer to the question. Answer intents are a recent addition to Oracle Digital Assistant and use the same machine learning model to understand the user question as regular intents do. With answer intents, Oracle Digital Assistant provides a very reliable and successful implementation of the question-answer user case.
Search Engine
How to integrate search engines into your Oracle Digital Assistant chatbots by Asaf Lev and Vincent Heinink
This article explains how you can add a search engine API into your Oracle Digital Assistant Skill. This functionality is useful when you want to add public knowledge, FAQs, documentation and general information from a specific site or domain to your skill. Search engine API integration can serve as a fallback when your skill otherwise will not be able to provide an answer. 
Resource Bundles
How-to Use Resource Bundles Defined In A Skill Within Custom Components Without Tying The Component To A Specific Skill by Frank Nimphius
Oracle Digital Assistant skills provide resource bundles as a feature for skill developers to build multi language bot responses, or just for them to keep label and prompts in a single place for ease of administration and management. Custom components that are uploaded to a skill don't have access to resource bundle, which also has to do with how custom components communicate with a skill. 
An Oracle Digital Assistant (Chatbot) to Answer Company-specific Coronavirus Questions by fishbowl
Fishbowl Solutions wants to help organizations provide Coronavirus (COVID-19) information inside their organizations. Information regarding symptoms, prevention, and human resources available. To help drive the flow of accurate Coronavirus information, and help you handle the increase in volume of questions to your human resources departments or hotlines, we’ve built an HR digital assistant that can be deployed to your website or intranet. This digital assistant is intended to provide responses to Coronavirus-related questions to help employees get quick answers to FAQs, check schedules, find benefit information, and request leaves of absence.
This digital assistant is available today to be customized to exactly what your company needs
Oracle Visual
Announcing Oracle Visual Builder Platform by Shay Shmeltzer
We are happy to announce the release of the Oracle Visual Builder Platform – a complete and integrated environment for development teams to develop and deliver cloud native applications. The Visual Builder Platform integrates the features of Oracle Visual Builder and Oracle Developer Cloud Service to cover the full development lifecycle from planning all the way to delivery and hosting.
The platform consists of a development interface and a runtime/hosting service, Visual Builder Studio and Visual Builder service respectively.
Visual Builder Studio
Group Functions
Group Functions on Business Objects in Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer
In this blog I'll show you how to use functions such as Sum, Avg and Count on the data you store in business objects in Visual Builder. While you don't have direct way to write a sql statement to get this data, the ability to create object functions gives you access to similar functionality.
Hierarchy Visual
Working with Hierarchical Trees in Oracle Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer
In this blog and video I'll show how to display hierarchical data in a tree component in Oracle Visual Builder. Oracle JET has various ways to show these type of hierarchies, and I'm going to start from the most basic tree component. While showing how to do this, we'll also cover a few other tips/techniques in Visual Builder. Here are some to the tips you'll learn along the way:
Getting Master and Details in a Single REST Call
Application Development Section
Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator
Oracle is finding ways for organizations using WebLogic Server to run important workloads, to move those workloads into the cloud. By certifying on industry standards, such as Docker and Kubernetes, WebLogic now runs in a cloud neutral infrastructure. In addition, we’ve provided an open source Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator (the “operator”) which has several key features to assist you with deploying and managing WebLogic domains in a Kubernetes environment. 
Oracle WebLogic 14.1.1 under Podman by Dirk Nachbar
Since a few weeks the latest release of the Oracle WebLogic Server is available and I was testing it already on native Linux Servers and within Docker. Now it's time to check Oracle WebLogic Server under Podman At first you will need an Oracle Linux 8.2 Server with podman. A really good instruction you can find at As a starting point, just clone my GitHub Repository there you will find some Dockerfiles for Oracle WebLogic Server 
Advisor Webcast
Advisor Webcast: Side by Side Deployment or Production Redeployment of Applications on Weblogic Server - June 30, 2020 by Alan Boucher
This is a 45 minute webcast towards Weblogic Administrators , Technical & Functional users . Weblogic server supports the deployment of a newer versions of an already running applications without affecting the requests being handled by the current version of the deployed application. This feature provided by Weblogic Server is called “Side by Side Deployment “ or “Production Redeployment”.
Oracle WebLogic 14.1.1 on Oracle Kubernetes Engine by Michel Schildmeijer
Last week, Oracle Product Director Will Lyons announced the long expected release of Oracle WebLogic 14.1.1. All details about this release you can find here and on my blog, so I won't go into details about all the nice new features of it. I'd rather now wanted to test out if this version was ready to run on a Kubernetes platform, and in this case the obvious choice was thee Oracle Kubernetes Engine(OKE), although RedHat OpenShift and Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service could also be one of the options.
Oracle Coherence
Oracle Coherence 14.1.1 Released! By Randy Stafford
Oracle Coherence Product Development is very pleased to announce the release of Oracle Coherence version 14.1.1.
Part of Oracle's Enterprise Cloud Native Java portfolio, which also includes Oracle WebLogic Server 14.1.1, Coherence 14.1.1 brings significant new features to market, representing many man-years of engineering effort.
This release of Oracle Coherence is fully compatible with popular container and orchestration ecosystems certified with Coherence since 2016, for example Docker and Kubernetes.
Migrate a "Monolith" style Java application to a Microservices style architecture using Helidon by Tim Graves
This is the project for the Migration of a Monolith (well actually quite a simple "Monolith" web app that provides a REST API and a basic database service) into a web service comprised of two microservices using the Helidon framework. The microservices are then extended to provide monitoring capabilities such as metrics and tracing, then to prepare them for cloud native capabilities such as health checks, automatic service restart etc.
GraalVM 20.1 by Oleg Šelajev
We’re really happy to announce that the 20.1.0 release of GraalVM is available and ready to make your applications run faster. GraalVM 20.1 is a feature release from the master branch and includes a number of improvements across all the components of the distribution. We’re grateful for all the support from various teams and individual contributors for helping make this release of GraalVM the best it can be. Thanks for raising issues if something doesn’t work the way you expect, suggesting useful features, spreading the word about GraalVM, and contributing to the project on GitHub.
GraalVM: the holy graal of polyglot JVM? By Sarah Brown
Transposit is built on a Java backend and runs customers’ JavaScript on the server-side using Nashorn. After our recent alpha launch, we received numerous customer requests to support ES6 syntax. Nashorn is deprecated in JDK 11 and so is unlikely to ever support full ES6 syntax, so we began investigating alternatives — and GraalVM is where we landed.
Additional Content Developer Partner Community
Additional Content
Graphics for Oracle Cloud Topologies and Diagrams Use the graphics assets linked from this page to illustrate topologies for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products and services. Use the included symbols, graphics, and connecting lines to create consistent architecture diagrams that accurately communicate complex offerings, systems, and ideas. 
Java Then and Now - Powering the Enterprise for 25 Years
Efficient Microservices with Oracle GraalVM Enterprise
Oracle GraalVM in a Nutshell
Compiling a Helidon MP Application as GraalVM Native Image
Top tweets Developer Partner Community – June 2020
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Training Calendar Developer Partner Community
Training Calendar Developer Partner Community
For the latest trainings please visit our WebLogic & Developer Community Training Wiki here (membership required) feel free to add your events!
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Join the Oracle Developer Meetup groups if you want to follow Oracle’s solutions in this area, or participate in the events and hands-on labs we organize:
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PaaS free trial
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My private Corner – Bill Gate’s book tips
Private Corner
Every year Bill Gates recommends interesting books to read during the summer break. Thoughtful list of interesting content, make sure you grape one or more books! Here is his original tweet” Every summer I try to do a little extra reading. 
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