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July 2020
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Build 29 (2020/6/24)
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These early-access, open-source builds are provided under the GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception.

   Linux / AArch64 tar.gz (sha256) 170353767 bytes
            Linux / x64 tar.gz (sha256) 194924222
         macOS / x64 tar.gz (sha256) 189557103
      Windows / x64 zip     (sha256) 195492517
Alpine Linux / x64 tar.gz (sha256) 199132199
Project Loom Early-Access Builds
These builds are intended for developers looking to "kick the tires" and provide feedback on using the API or by sending bug reports.

Warning: This build is based on an incomplete version of JDK 16.
Tech Articles
Your Own Way — Oracle JDBC drivers on Maven Central
by Kuassi Mensah

In the previous packaging of our drivers on Maven Central we’ve
pre-established dependencies between the artifacts required for
the most common use cases. In this release, and going forward,
we are giving you a choice between “pick-and-choose” and
“pre-established” dependencies.
Concurrent Programming with Concurnas
by Jason Tatton

Modern developers have access to hardware of never-before-seen power. Here’s how to leverage Concurnas, a new JVM programming language, to unlock that power.
Accelerating OCI Applications with GraalVM Enterprise
by Olga Gupalo

While GraalVM Enterprise's improved performance and reduced resource requirements can lead to cost savings for OCI customers, OCI itself is running services on GraalVM Enterprise.
Asynchronous Polyglot Programming in GraalVM JavaScript
by Daniele Bonetta

One of the many cool features of GraalVM is its support for polyglot applications. The ability to mix and match programming styles and paradigms makes it easy to combine different programming models allowing developers to take advantage of different languages in a single application.
Moving from Jython to GraalVM
by Tim Felgentreff

Despite not being drop-in compatible, the newer Python version, the benefits of the faster GraalVM runtime, the support for native extensions that Jython never supported, as well as the possibility of creating binaries using GraalVM Native Image, GraalVM Python offers a compelling path forward for Jython applications.
The 25 Greatest Java Apps Ever Written
by Alexa Morales

From space exploration to genomics, from reverse compilers to robotic controllers, Java is at the heart of today’s world. Here are a few of the countless Java apps that stand out from the crowd.
Announcing Helidon 2.0
by Peter Nagy

Helidon provides a set of Java libraries that simplify microservices development, and offer developers a range of features and benefits. Helidon MP GraalVM Native Image support in Helidon 2.0 adds to the existing Helidon SE GraalVM Native Image support, bringing GraalVM Native Image startup and memory consumption benefits to MicroProfile developers.
Announcing Coherence Community Edition
by Randy Stafford

Oracle is pleased to announce that it is making the core of Oracle Coherence available as free and open source software in Coherence Community Edition.
Oracle Becomes an Ecma TC39 Member
by Alina Yurenko

Oracle is proud to announce that it has become an associate member of Ecma International and is participating in TC39, the working group responsible for the ECMAScript specification that defines the popular JavaScript programming language.
Get an Inside View
Inside Java is a new platform that gives you a view into the
making of the Java Platform through a curated collection of content produced by the Java Platform Group at Oracle.
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Webinars / Webcasts
Happy 25th Birthday, Java 
As part of the celebration activities to honor Java's 25th birthday, Java luminaries from Oracle and the developer community shared their experiences and personal stories on Java's innovative past, present and future. 
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Apache Kafka – Faster with Oracle GraalVM Enterprise
Explore the benefits of running Apache Kafka on GraalVM Enterprise. Review the different deployment options that can be used to accelerate the performance of both Kafka clusters and client applications.
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Announcing Coherence CE and Helidon 2.0
Watch the announcement of two innovative new developer technology releases for Java and polyglot microservices. Coherence CE and Helidon 2.0 make it easy to build fast, lightweight, scalable and reliable microservices. 

Download the slides.
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Java: Positioned for Modern Application Development
Learn how Java’s new release cadence has impacted the rate of innovation. Manish Gupta, vice president of marketing, Java and GraalVM, and Donald Smith, senior director of product management, Java Platform, discuss what customers can expect.
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Busting Myths on What It Takes to Safeguard Your Java Environment
Keeping track of Java instances and versions, and keeping them on the latest security updates, requires significant effort. In this webinar, we will help you determine your best options for safeguarding your Java environment.
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Coming Soon in the Oracle Java Webcast Series
Meet the experts behind Oracle Java, ask questions, and join the conversation during the 30-minute live interactive events.

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