Oracle ACE Program
July 2020
Jennifer Nicholson
Edited by Jennifer Nicholson
Director, Developer Advocacy Programs, Oracle
In This Edition
bullet Announcing the 2020 ACE Program Award Winners
bullet Oracle OpenWorld ACE Director Product Briefing
bullet Select the Correct Category When Reporting ACE Activities
bullet ACEs In Action: Recent Headlines
bullet Announcing Oracle Get-Togethers
bullet Announcing Helidon 2.0
bullet Announcing  Coherence Community Edition
bullet Ask TOM Office Hours
ACE Program News
Announcing the 2020 ACE Program Award Winners
We are excited to announce the Oracle ACE program 2019-2020 award recipients. These individuals represent the best of the Oracle community. Oracle ACEs not only have excellent Oracle technical skills and knowledge, but they also demonstrate continued enthusiasm for sharing that knowledge with the community through blogs, articles, conference presentations, social media, participation in Oracle Community forums, and other channels.

See the complete list.
Oracle OpenWorld ACE Director Product Briefing
One of the highlights of Oracle OpenWorld each year is the ACE Director Product Briefing. But since Oracle OpenWorld in Las Vegas is being replaced with a series of free virtual events, plans are underway to organize a virtual ACE Product Briefing. We'd love your feedback about what you want from this event. You will soon receive a survey so we can collect your input, but in the meantime, feel free to send any wonderful ideas to
Select the Correct Category When Reporting ACE Activities
Apparently there is still some confusion about some of the activity categories, particularly regarding the difference between "Article (in 3rd party publication)" and "Blog post (includes LinkedIn)."  

The key difference between these two categories is a matter of who controls the publication process. If you control when, where, and how the content is published, the activity should be reported as "Blog post (includes LinkedIn)."

However, if you did not control publication, that is, if you had to submit your content to the editor of a web site or magazine for consideration for publication, that activity should be reported as "Article (in 3rd party publication)."

Another issue: If the content was written by your employee, do not report that as an ACE activity. If you didn't write it, you don't get the points. 

Similarly, marketing content for your company or employer should not be reported as an ACE activity. The content you create as an ACE must have value to the community as how-to-technical content.
ACEs in Action: Recent Headlines
bullet ACE Blog Posts: June 7- 13, 2020 -- APEX, SQL, Database, and More 
bullet Announcing the 2020 Oracle ACE Program Award Winners
bullet ACEs at Oracle Groundbreakers Yatra 2020 - July 1-16, 2020
bullet ACE Blog Posts: May 31 - June 6, 2020 -- OCI, APEX, PL/SQL, and More
bullet ACE Videos: May 2020 -- APEX, Database, Docker, and More
bullet  ACE Blog Posts: May 24-30, 2020 -- OCI, OAC, Oracle Linux, and More
bullet ACE Articles - April 2020
bullet ACE Blog Posts: May 17-23, 2020 -- OCI, Database, Kubernetes, WebLogic, and More
bullet ACE Videos: April 2020
bullet ACE Blog Posts: May 10-16, 2020 -- OCI, APEX, Autonomous Database, and More
bullet  ACE Blog Posts: May 3-9, 2020 -- Database, OCI, Linux, and More
Community Connection
Announcing Oracle Get-Togethers
We are pleased to announce our new Oracle Get-Togethers website where you can discover Get-Togethers covering Oracle. Get-Togethers are short and informal gatherings where customers and user groups with common interests meet-up to discuss a specific topic or set of topics. Get-Togethers are free, typically 1-2 hours in length, and focus on a subject aimed at sharing a success or solving a problem that others can benefit from.

How can you be involved? Check out the request support form on the website

If you have any questions or you want to learn more about Oracle Get-Togethers, please reach out to
Product News
Announcing Helidon 2.0
Helidon provides a set of Java libraries that simplify microservices development, and offer developers a range of features and benefits. Helidon MP GraalVM Native Image support in Helidon 2.0 adds to the existing Helidon SE GraalVM Native Image support, bringing GraalVM Native Image startup and memory consumption benefits to MicroProfile developers.
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Announcing Coherence Community Edition
Oracle is pleased to announce that it is making the core of Oracle Coherence available as free and open source software in Coherence Community Edition. Coherence Community Edition is licensed under the Open Source Initiative’s Universal Permissive License, Version 1.0, and is hosted on GitHub
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Ask TOM Office Hours
Ask TOM Office Hours
Office Hours offers free, live Q&A sessions with experts in various aspects of Oracle technologies. Here's what's heating up July:

JavaScript and Oracle Database : What's new in node-oracledb 5.0 for Oracle Database
Christopher Jones - Senior Principal Product Manager

Oracle Application Express (APEX) : Optimizing grocery delivery routes using Oracle APEX, Oracle Autonomous Database and Google Maps APIs
Joel Kallman - Senior Director, Software Development

Write Great SQL : Explore SQL
Chris Saxon - Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL
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