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July 2020
Monthly News & Events for Oracle Database Application Developers around the world.
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Special Announcement
Oracle Developer Live—Oracle Database

Thursday August 13: Americas
Tuesday August 18: Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific

Join the new Oracle Developer Live virtual event for technical sessions, hands-on labs, demos, panels, and live Q&As with experts. Learn how to harness the power of Oracle Database to build data-driven applications.

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A selection of recent announcements for developers.
bullet Ask TOM: Oracle Database Development: A Step by Step Introduction for Developers
bullet Manish Kapur: Announcing the availability of APEX 20.1 on Oracle Autonomous Database
bullet Alex Keh: New Beta: Oracle Entity Framework Core 3.1
bullet Jeff Smith: ORDS/SQL Developer Web version 20.2 is now available
A selection of articles written by developers for developers.
bullet Tim Hall: Oracle Databases and CI/CD Pipelines
bullet Maria Colgan: What is a Converged Database?
bullet Maria Colgan: Many Single-Purpose Databases versus a Converged Database
bullet Shailesh Dwivedi: Sharding Oracle Database Cloud Service
bullet Robert Greene: Autonomous Database comes to the customer data center
bullet Maria Colgan: The Future is Data-Driven
bullet William Hardie: Upgrading to Oracle Database 19c
Videos of the Month 
The Oracle database community produces many technical videos every month. Here's a selection of some recent popular sessions. 
bullet Oracle Groundbreakers Online India Yatra 2020
A YouTube playlist of 48 profiles of community members, product managers, developers, administrators, Groundbreakers, Oracle ACEs, and Java Champions.
bullet YouTube Channel for the All India Oracle User Group.
Current, future, and past events. At present all events are online, which provides even more opportunities for participation.
bullet Oracle Groundbreakers Latin America Tour
Online August 17-28.
bullet Oracle Developer Live
A virtual event series for developers interested in the latest technologies. Improve your skills in Java, Kubernetes, microservices, machine learning, Oracle Database, MySQL, and DevOps. Database in August. Java in September. MySQL in November.
bullet Stay tuned for more Oracle Groundbreakers Online Tour announcements for APAC and Europe!
Fall/Winter 2020
Evergreen Resources
This month's selection of resources for long term bookmarking. 
bullet Oracle ACE Program: Follow and Participate
bullet Oracle ACEs In Action: Profiles of Oracle ACEs and their Work
bullet Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador Program: Follow and Participate
bullet Hands on Labs for Developers: APEX, JavaScript, Low Code, Docker
bullet Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast: Interviews with Developers
bullet Ask the Oracle Mentors (Ask TOM): Office Hours, Resources
bullet Open Source Projects at Oracle: Search for Oracle FOSS Projects
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