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August 2020 Edition Oracle PaaS Partner Community Newsletter

Increase the Oracle Cloud business and create new service offerings and solutions for Oracle SaaS solution
Dear PaaS Partner Community,
Want to increase the Oracle Cloud business? Create new service offerings and solutions for Oracle SaaS solution, based on the Oracle Cloud Platform? Watch the webcast with Suhas Uliyar, Vice President Oracle Product Management. SaaS solutions like HCM, CX and ERP Cloud need to be integrated and customized:
Follow the three steps to success:
  1. Watch the on-demand Connect, Innovate & Extend SaaS Partner Kickoff Webcast 2020
  2. Sales Central: To get the sales kits including battle card and customer presentation in ppt format, visit
  3. Bootcamps: Become an expert by attending at the hands-on integration workshop & certifications. Attend a training & free certification.
Jump-start your SaaS Integration with prebuild SaaS adapters for the latest please visit the new Oracle Integration Home Page. With the OIC August release a new Paypal adapter is available. One of the use cases is to integrate PeopleSoft using OIC.

In the process & innovation section we published a decision model tutorial and how to link a process instance.

Watch Dhwani Shah: Extend & Enrich your Oracle SaaS with Evosys’ PaaS Solutions. We want to promote also your customer success, submit your story via the customer reference program.
Jürgen Kress
For a short summary of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The August edition highlights the on-demand partner kickoff webcast and the updated Oracle partner finder. This month’s community webcast will we our annual kickoff webcast with Suhas Uliyar.
Please join Chatbot Design best practices for Conversational UX Webcast August 18th 2020.

Want to publish your best practice article & news in the next community newsletter? Please feel free to send it via Twitter @soaCommunity #PaaSCommunity.

Keep safe!
Jürgen Kress
Table Of Contents
Community Announcements
Suhas Uliyar
Connect, Innovate & Extend SaaS Partner Kickoff
Free on-demand webcast
Want to increase the Oracle Cloud business? Create new service offerings and solutions for Oracle SaaS solution based on the Oracle Cloud Platform? Attend the webcast with Suhas Uliyar, Vice President Oracle Product Management.
Webcast banner
Chatbot Design best practices for Conversational UX
Webcast August 18th 2020
What is the difference between a good bot and a great bot? It is the design: design of intents, utterances and conversations which are as important as the design of your integration or security. In this session Grant Ronald, Director of Technical Center of Excellence for digital assistants at Oracle, focuses on the key design decisions you need to make when building conversational digital assistants.
Free on-demand PaaS Partner Community Webcasts
Thanks for attending our monthly community webcasts. Every month a speaker from the Oracle product management teams presents the latest updates on the Oracle Cloud Platform. In case you missed one of them, take the opportunity to watch our community webcasts on-demand:
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PaaS Partner YouTube Update
August 2020
The August video includes three topics:
  • Kickoff Webcasts for PaaS & SaaS partners community on-demand webcast
  • Update your partner finder company profile
  • Chatbot best practice design community webcast
For regular updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Thanks for your likes and sharing the video on YouTube and LinkedIn. For the latest PaaS Community information please visit our Community update wiki here (Community membership required).
SaaS Hands On Bootcamps
Integrate SaaS hands-on Bootcamps Webtraining
Do you want to find out why Gartner named Oracle as a Leader in Magic Quadrant for three years in a row? Are you able to innovate quickly in the new digital world? Are you looking for ways to integrate systems and data faster using a modern cloud integration platform? Attend the Oracle Integration Bootcamp, a three days hands-on training for Oracle partners!

Get the latest OIC training material here (community membership required).
PaaS Partner Success
Watch Dhwani Shah: Extend & enrich your Oracle SaaS
Evosys’ PaaS Solutions
On receiving the award in the category, Innovate SaaS Contribution 2019 at Oracle Emerging PaaS Partner Community Forum in Spain, Dhwani Shah, PaaS Solution Architect in Evosys, shares her views on Evosys’ expertise in PaaS solutions and integrations. For more information please visit the partner finder.

We want to promote your customer success! Have you implemented successful a solution based on the Oracle Cloud Platform? Submit your success story via the customer reference program.
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    Integration Section
    Michael Meiner Banner
    Jump-start your Integrations
    Oracle Integration Home Page by Michael Meiner
    When you log into an Oracle Integration instance, the first page you see is the OIC Home Page.
    This page helps you navigate to the areas of the product you need, provides relevant metrics and status and shows your current tasks and actions. We have redesigned the Home Page to provide the most relevant information as well as to expose new functionality in the product.
    OIC and Integrating Oracle SaaS
    by Phil Wilkins
    Handling integration between Oracle SaaS applications and modules has been something of an evolutionary journey.
    A couple of years ago, if you wanted to intgrate say HCM and ERP you needed to ICS or OIC to perform the integration.
    In many respects this wasn’t such a terrible thing. Technically as it meant that the back end database schema development for each app was not going to be slowed by needing to be mutually dependent with each other. As a result, avoiding the complexities of managing a canonical model and ensuring any changes to that model are delivered in a manner that aligns across multiple development teams plans.
    Update & New Release Cycle
    August 2020 by Antony Reynolds
    Well, it is update time again, and we have new features for you and a new release cycle.
    New features include a New Home Page, Data Stitch and new Adapters. The new release cycle will provide a more predictable update for your instances.
    Oracle Integration Connectivity
    August 2020 by Prakash Masand
    Oracle Integration continues to enhance the connectivity portfolio by building a new set of adapters as well as enriching the existing adapters with the key customer focused enhancements.
    Oracle Integration adapters are the corner stone for connecting and automating application business processes. Oracle Integration Adapter abstracts communication with diverse applications on a single pane, simplify integration interfaces as business resources and supports rapid development through configuration and declarative model rather than complex coding.
    Enhanced Integration
     Using OIC AS2 Adapter by Michael Meiner
    Introduction to B2B Integration using AS2.
    What is B2B integration? Business-to-business (B2B) integration is the automation of business processes and communication between two or more organizations.
    It allows them to trade more effectively with their customers, suppliers, vendors and business partners by automating key business processes using B2B based data exchange including EDI. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standard means of exchanging data between companies so that they can transact business electronically.
    Convert Integrations Style
     by Renukaradhya Dakshinamurthy
    Convert Integrations Style from Basic Routing to App Driven Orchestration.

    The Basic Routing Integrations are deprecated now and currently, there is no way to convert a Basic Routing Integration to Orchestration. With this new feature, the user will be able to do the conversion from Basic Routing to App Driven Orchestration as the latter has more flexibility. The convert can be done with the help of "convert" action provided in the actions menu which is explained in detail in the below sections.
    User Friendly Names in Mapper
    by Ishruthilaya Malarvizhi
    In this blog, we will look at a new integration feature, User Friendly Names in the Mapper UI and see how the Mapper UI has changed with the introduction of this feature.
    The new feature will become available shortly. The Source and Target tree elements displayed in the Mapper UI are based on the application schemas. Many application schemas define their interfaces with extremely cryptic technical names that are not easy to correlate to the user friendly display names you would see in the end point application's UI. This feature provides the option to show display label instead of the technical name directly in the trees and expression builder.
    PeopleSoft Integration - Part 1
    by Prakash Masand & Jin Park
    Customers at events, at forums and through field requests have indicated that they want to integrate PeopleSoft with Oracle and non-Oracle Cloud applications using Oracle Integration. 
    PeopleSoft provides a great integration framework tool set that simplifies, standardizes, and supports a variety of integration patterns. We want to share the enlightened experience that our integration champion Jin Park from Australia had when integrating PeopleSoft with Oracle Integration. Here is part 1 of Jin Park's journey.
    I’ve got a chance to look at PeopleSoft integration with other SaaS app using OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud) and decided to share what I learned.
    PeopleSoft Integration - Part 2
    by Prakash Masand & Jin Park
    Now we’re ready to create connections and integration in Oracle Integration. Oracle Integration is capable of hybrid integrations.
    Therefore, you can use Oracle Integration for SaaS integration scenarios such as SaaS and SaaS or SaaS and on-premises. You may need to set up a virtual private network (VPN) between your data centre and Oracle Integration using VPNaaS (VPN as a Service from Oracle) or install Oracle Integration connectivity agent inside your organisation network. It really depends upon the network / security policy of your organisation.
    OIC integrating BigCommerce
    by Niall Commiskey
    OIC integrating BigCommerce with Netsuite #784 Using Pagination with the OIC Shopify adapter. 
    Big Commerce is a very popular SaaS eCommerce platform, used by many Netsuite customers. Ergo, integration between the two is necessary and easy with Oracle Integration (OIC). Welcome to my Hare of the Dog shop on Big Commerce - I add a couple of top quality products - Hare of the Dog T-Shirts - handmade by medieval philosophy students.
    OIC integrations at runtime
    by Ankur Jain
    See how OIC integrations are behaving at runtime.
    One of the most inevitable tasks for administrators and developers to monitor the Integrations and see how OIC integrations are behaving in runtime. It’s really important to check the health of Integration regularly to avoid bad situations. Integration Cloud provides a rich dashboard that helps different personas to monitor the running integrations.
    Using Pagination
    by Niall Commiskey
    Starting point is the OIC Shopify adapter doc here.
    Quotes from the doc in italics.
    In this simple example I will paginate through my product list - I have ca. 600 products. The number of products returned per page by Shopify can range from 50 to 250. I will set this value in the Shopify invoke mapping. The OIC integration will use the Shopify Adapter to retrieve all products.

    So the processing logic is very simple - process all pages! This I will do in a WHILE loop - condition is - while there are still more pages available.
    Updating Product Inventory
    Using Shopify by Niall Commiskey
    This is a typical use case - I have a eCommerce site that sells the product, I have an ERP that manages the sales lifecycle.
    In this case I am looking at Netsuite as the ERP and Shopify as the eCommerce site, but I assume one can extrapolate for other ERP apps. Firstly, a big thank you to my colleague Shantala S. for her support here! Now let's begin by looking at the Product inventory in Shopify - Note from the inventory history, I can see the default location - I have partially obfuscated it but you still see the street number, 168. Ergo, we have 4 of these Leica cases in stock at the default location. As you can see, I can have more than 1 location.
    Oracle Integration File Server
    For File Based Integrations by Kundan Vyas
    While most enterprises want to leverage modern API-based integration technologies to automate their business processes, they are also in need of a File-based integration to enable exchange of data through files.
    Such enterprises often require a secure file storage solution to exchange files with their trading partners, vendors and suppliers. It is very common for these enterprises to use such a file storage solution with File-based integration to schedule and automate the process of reading and transforming files before exchanging them with multiple systems.
    Docker Image for OIC
    Oracle Connectivity Agent by Antony Reynolds
    This image retrieves the Oracle Connectivity Agent from an OIC instance and runs it in a docker container.
    For more information about the Oracle Integration Connectivity Agent please see Manage the Agent Group and the On-Premises Connectivity Agent in the Oracle Integration documentation. The container automatically connects to your OIC instance and downloads the agent zip file. This image is built on top of the Oracle Java 8 SE (Server JRE) container. A github project contains the build instructions if a customized image is required.
    Data Stitch Assign operation
    Elements with Attributes by Jorge Herreria
    You might noticed sometimes Data Stitch ASSIGN will volunteer or remove attributes from the targeted element.
    On this post I explain the behavior of ASSIGN operation for elements that have attributes and give some ideas for manage it.
    There's heavy XML, XSD, XPath lingo in this post. I'll try to explain the lingo without going deep into it. I use the lingo with the intent that in case you search over the internet, you get more accurate hits.
    Expect twisted humor and a two way conversation. A quote I like: "What if it works?" - me
    Promoting Your Code
    by Antony Reynolds
    A few years ago my wife and I were honored to be invited to our friends promotion ceremony.
    By hard work, dedication and outstanding leadership he was promoted to a full Colonel in the US Air Force. Fortunately when promoting integrations between environments it is a lot less work.
    Environments. We usually have multiple environments for our code. Some possible environments are listed below:
    • Development for building integrations
    • Test for testing integrations
    • Production for running integrations.
    Other possible environment might include
    • QA for final acceptance testing
    • Load Test for performance testing
    Insight in SOA Suite future
    by Martien van den Akker
    A few weeks ago I was made aware of a few announcements, which I think makes sense and that I want to pass on to my followers, sauced with a bit of my own perspective.
    Containerized SOA. Last year I had made myself familiar with the Oracle Weblogic Kubernetes Operator. See for instance my Cheat Sheet Serie. I also had the honour to talk about it during the Tech Summit at OUK in December '19. Weblogic under Kubernetes is apparently the way to go for Weblogic. And with that, also the Fusion Middleware Stack. However, until now only 'plain' Weblogic is supported under Kubernetes, on all Cloud platforms, as well as on your own on-premises Kubernetes platform. It was no surprise that SOA Suite would follow, and in March there an early access for SOA Suite on Kubernetes was announced.
    WSA Properties in BPEL 2.0
    by Martien van den Akker
    Last week I had the honor to present on CorrelationSets in a Virtual Meetup, which is a feature that relates to the WS-Addressing support of SOA Suite.
    At my current customer, I had to rebuild a BPEL Process from 1.1 to 2.0, to be able to split it up using embedded and reusable subprocesses. One requitement is to receive the WSA-Action property and reply it back, concatenated with 'Response'.

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    Business Process Management & Innovation Section

    Understand Decision Model Views
    In Processes, you can work on a decision model using either the graph view or the list view.
    When you create a new decision model, you’re presented with the graph view by default. You can switch to the list view and vice versa using the Menu button in the toolbar.

    Note: The decision models that you’ve created previously will continue to use the list view as the default view. If you switch to the graph view, you’ll need to redefine the relationships between decisions and input data elements. Similarly, you'll have to redefine the order of the decisions if you switch from the graph view to the list view.
    Oracle Process Cloud
    Linking a process instance by Niall Commiskey
    Use case here - Customer wants a process creator to be notified when a process has completed.
    In this case, an email containing a link to the process history in Workspace. The link should bring me here - The link has the following format. I try this out with the my instance id - Now to my process - not the most complex of processes, I'm sure you will agree.

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    Thanks for the wonderful collaboration over more than a decade.
    Each time it was a pleasure to meet you during Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. Many will remember your interviews and panel sessions – some of them recorded in a hotel (bed) room. Your support was key to the ACE & groundbreaker community to drive Oracle’s products and cloud services. Enjoy your retirement and looking forward to hear from you!

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