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Week of August 3, 2020

This week: The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research probes billions of data points to understand why we can’t sleep. Naveego offers data cleansing to help hospitals keep medical records accurate and complete during a pandemic (and at other times too). Plus, a COVID-19 vaccine trial seeks volunteers.
“With Oracle, we don’t have to focus so much on the technical part. We can focus on what’s needed to sleep.”
Dr. Tancy Kao, data scientist at the Woolcock Institute 
Woolcock Institute
Getting shut-eye
Find out how the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research is studying the brain signals of sleeping patients to understand the physiology of insomnia.
Data hygiene
Having accurate and complete records is particularly important for hospitals as COVID-19 puts a strain on resources. Naveego gives hospitals a “golden record” that they can trust for business, treatments, and research, says CEO Katie Horvath.
Vaccine Trial
Vaccine trial
Here are the details of the largest clinical trial to date of a COVID-19 vaccine, which was jointly developed by the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and pharmaceutical company Moderna. The trial needs volunteers.
Stories from the cloud
Well dressed
Today’s shoppers want to know where their fashion items come from and how they’re made. Peter Merkert, cofounder of retraced, explains how it uses blockchain, Kubernetes, and other technologies to give consumers new supply chain insights.
Tech library
Disaster recovery protection with a couple of clicks in the cloud

Learn SQL performance tuning in this free online course

Building cross-platform native images with GraalVM

Parallel decoders with parameter sharing
Gonzaga University
Cloud goes to college
Gonzaga University uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to accelerate its ERP upgrade, improve disaster recovery, and maintain high security standards.
Analyze Desktop
Oracle Developer Live
Online | Multiple dates, starting August 13

Live webinar: Best Practices for Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer
Online | August 27

Live webinar: The New Normal—The End of Globalization?
Online | August 27
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