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Oracle Groundbreakers Tour 2020 Latin America cta-arrow
ANNOUNCEMENTS: The following are Systems announcements to take note of, specifically for Oracle Linux and Virtualization team
Oracle Linux 8 support with Oracle Enterprise Mngr cta-arrow
Nested Virtualization with Oracle Linux  cta-arrow
Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1.12 now available cta-arrow
How to videos for Oracle Linux Virtualization Mngr cta-arrow
ANNOUNCEMENTS: The following are Systems and Solaris announcements
How to configure network for a Kernel Zone cta-arrow
Simplified Learning Path for Oracle Private Cloud cta-arrow
ANNOUNCEMENTS: The following are announcements to take note of, specifically for Oracle APEX
Learn, Connect, and Collaborate! APEX Pakistan cta-arrow
The Top 12 New Features in APEX 20.1  cta-arrow
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People love stories. Would you be willing to share a 60 Second Developer story on video. It helps to promote you and the subject/technology. It can be about your first job, the first time eg you had experience with eg APEX, or a lesson learnt, best career advice you got or made. If you are not sure I can work with you to figure it out. I can record it remotely. It's easy, fun, and provides an opportunity to promote yourself. 
For 2 Min Tech Tips that were managed by Bob Rhubart, drop me a line about the subject matter and we can get the timer going. 
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