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Week of August 10, 2020

This week: Oracle CMO Ariel Kelman describes how Oracle will lead in the enterprise cloud infrastructure arena. And we bring you the story of how 8x8 used the cloud to deal with the soaring popularity—and cost—of providing its free videoconferencing service. Plus: Entel, a Chilean telco, goes to the cloud to meet changing demands from 17 million customers.
“We’re really still in the second—or maybe even third—inning of enterprise adoption of cloud.”
Oracle CMO Ariel Kelman
Airel Kelman
Taking the lead
Oracle CMO Ariel Kelman tells Business Insider how Oracle will lead in enterprise cloud infrastructure—and beat AWS.
Standing out
Cohu, which builds complex equipment used by semiconductor manufacturers, simplified its back-office systems with a unified cloud infrastructure and uses IT as a tool to differentiate the company.
Size up, costs down
When demand spiked during the pandemic for 8x8’s free videoconferencing service, it scoured the market for a new cloud partner that could scale up while keeping costs down.
Exceptional demand
Entel, a Chilean telco, moved its on-premises virtual workloads and applications to the cloud, helping to vastly improve the user experience for 17 million customers.
Developer Live
Developer Live
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Future events cover Java, MySQL, DevOps, and more.
Tech library
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Lower cost, more resiliency
Emersion picks Oracle Cloud over Amazon for key database workloads.
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