Java Developer Newsletter
Java Developer Newsletter
August 2020
A monthly brief of announcements, technical articles, and project updates.
Oracle Developer Live⁠—Java

September 15 : Americas
September 17: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia

Learn from Oracle Java engineers about Java 15 and modern application development in a day of technical sessions and hands on labs.
Stack Overflow Podcast
Celebrating 25 Years of Java
Georges Saab, VP of Java development, and Manish Gupta, VP of Java and GraalVM marketing, discuss the past, present, and future of Java technology and the Java development community.
Development Releases
Available Now: JDK 15 Release Candidate Builds
Updates on Project Loom
VIDEO: Modern Scalable Concurrency for the Java Platform -- Ron Pressler

More details at the Loom FAQ -- Ron Pressler
Updates on Project Amber
Finalizing in JDK 16 - Records -- Gavin Bierman

Serializable Records: A discussion of record serialization and how it
differs from serialization of normal classes -- Chris Hegarty, Alex Buckley

Finalizing in JDK 16 - Pattern matching for instanceof -- Gavin Bierman
Updates from the GraalVM Project
Alibaba Joins the GraalVM Advisory Board -- Alina Yurenko

Building Cross Platform Native Images with GraalVM -- Todd Sharp

Porting from Nashorn: How to Handle JS Multi-Threading on GraalVM -- Andreas Müller
Upcoming & On Demand Webcasts
Live: August 18: Oracle GraalVM Enterprise for Cloud  Workloads.

Live: August 20: Application Development Innovation with Oracle Java 15.

On-demand: Getting the Most from Oracle Java SE Subscription.
Highlights  from Java Magazine
Getting started with JavaFX on Raspberry Pi  -- by Frank Delporte

The Java Optional class: 11 more recipes for preventing null pointer
exceptions -- by Mohamed Taman
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collection of content produced by Oracle's Java Platform Group.
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