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Week of August 17, 2020

This week: Hotels are innovating to bring travelers back—safely. Communications provider 8x8 says Oracle Cloud was just what it needed to meet the surging demand for videoconferencing. Utilities provide personalized tips for consumers eager to cut energy usage—and bills. Also: Harvesting customer insights from call centers.
“The demand is there as long as hotels can persuade travelers that it’s safe to stay.”
Alex Alt, Oracle Hospitality
Hospitality and hotels
Room service
People want to travel. Hotels want guests. What can bridge the gap? Hotel leaders and our survey have some answers.
In focus
Communications provider 8x8 saw demand for its free videoconferencing service skyrocket in March. Here’s how the company cut costs and improved performance by 20 percent.  
Personal connection
Utilities are using the latest science around consumer behavior to ensure that consumers get the message about energy—and money—saving strategies.  
Joulica, podcast
Priority call
What do your customers really think of you? They’re telling you every day—if you just listen. Tony McCormack, CEO of Joulica, explains how advanced analytics are becoming as essential as a good headset to call center staff. 
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Performance up, costs slashed
NTT Docomo increases performance 10X and cuts costs 50% with Oracle Exadata.
Future Proof
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