Oracle Linux Quarterly Newsletter – October 2018
Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment
Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment
At Oracle OpenWorld 2018 in San Francisco, Oracle announced Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment - a curated set of open source software selected from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).  Oracle ensures these solutions are enterprise grade through a process of curating, testing, previewing and delivering premiere support services. Read more.
Wikibon: Cloud-Native Opportunities and Challenges
Wikibon: Cloud-Native Opportunities and Challenges
This Wikibon research note reviews the status of cloud native computing, the central role CNCF® plays in it, and why enterprise customers should explore curated cloud-native stacks. Read the Wikbon research note.
Why are customers switching to Oracle Linux?
Watch this short video to learn from customers about the benefits they are seeing by switching to Oracle Linux. Watch now.
Wrap Up: Oracle OpenWorld 2018 San Francisco
Wrap Up: Oracle OpenWorld 2018 San Francisco
If you missed the conference and our 26 sessions and 6 hands-on-labs, no worries. You can still access the session presentation slides and watch videos of the Keynotes and General sessions on line. The presentation slides will be made available soon in the sessions catalog. Watch videos now.
2018 Oracle Excellence Awards
2018 Oracle Excellence Awards
We are pleased to announce the 2018 Oracle Excellence Awards “Leadership in Infrastructure Transformation" Winners. Read more.
Oracle Container Runtime for Docker
Oracle Container Runtime for Docker version 18.03 is now available. Oracle Container Runtime allows you to create and distribute applications across Oracle Linux systems and other operating systems that support Docker. Read more.
Oracle Container Services 1.1.10 for use with Kubernetes
The developer preview release of Oracle Container Services 1.1.10 for use with Kubernetes® is available now. This release maintains Oracle's commitment to conformance with the upstream project and is Certified Kubernetes by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Find out more.
Gluster Storage for Oracle Linux
Gluster Storage Release 3.12 for Oracle Linux 7 is now available. Gluster Storage is an open source, POSIX compatible filesystem capable of supporting thousands of clients while using commodity hardware. Get the details.
Action Required: Replacement of SSL certificates for the Unbreakable Linux Network
Oracle has replaced Symantec-branded certificates with Digicert-branded certificates across all of its infrastructure to prevent trust warnings once the Symantec root certificate authority is removed from several web browsers, including Firefox and Chrome. Get the details.
Oracle Linux 7 Update 6 Developer Preview
Oracle is pleased to announce the availability of the developer preview for Oracle Linux 7 Update 6 as part of our ongoing goal of making Oracle Linux the distribution for development. Get the details.
Configuring Oracle Linux 7 Instances on OCI
Oracle Linux 7 instances created using Oracle-Provided Images on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) include a pre-installed set of utilities that are designed to facilitate configuration tasks for Oracle Linux instances. Read more.
Node.js on Oracle Linux: How To Get Started
Node.js is a JavaScript runtime for web and cloud development that continues to grow in popularity. Our Oracle Linux yum server hosts repositories with recent stable builds of Node.js for Oracle Linux 6 and 7. Read more.
Oracle Instant Client RPMs on Oracle Linux Yum Server
That's right, no more manual steps to accept a license before you can download Oracle Instant Client. Simply run yum install from any Oracle Linux system connected to the Internet. Get the details.
Oracle OpenStack Release
Oracle OpenStack 5.0, based on the upstream Queens release is available now. It includes support for the KVM hypervisor included with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5 for Oracle Linux 7. Read more.
Webinar: Secure and Agile Orchestration for Docker Containers
Webinar: Secure and Agile Orchestration for Docker Containers
Watch this on-demand webinar and demo to understand how to build a secure and agile production environment by leveraging Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration. Watch now.
Oracle Database runs Best on Oracle Linux
Why Oracle Database runs Best on Oracle Linux
Oracle engineers have been developing the Oracle Database on Oracle Linux since 2006. Learn what makes Oracle Linux the best choice for your Oracle Database instances. Read the white paper.
Featured Training:
With Linux being so prevalent, polishing your skills makes sense if you want to keep advancing in your career. The Linux Learning Subscription could be the easiest, most cost-effective way to stay current with what it takes to work optimally with Linux.
Partner Highlights
SAP BusinessObjects, a reporting and analytics business intelligence platform is now supported on Oracle Linux 7.x and Oracle Database 12.x on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For additional information, please refer to the Oracle Cloud for SAP webpage.

For more 3rd party software supported on Oracle Linux, please check the ISV Catalog.

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