Java Developer Newsletter
New JEPs have been added to the JDK 12 Early Access build. Download it, try it out, and give us your feedback.
End of Public Updates of Java SE 8
The last release of JDK 8 updates under the current license will be in January 2019 
Oracle's Plan for Distrusting Symantec TLS Certificates in the JDK
Starting with the critical patch releases planned for April 16, 2019, all supported JDK versions -that is 12, 11, 8 and 7- will begin distrusting new TLS Server certificates issued through the affected trust anchors (roots).
Early Access Builds
You can download and test OpenJFX, project Panama, project Valhalla, & JDK Mission Control 7
Announcing the New JCP Executive Committee  
The 2018 JCP EC election results are published. Congratulations to all of the re-elected members and welcome to BNY Mellon
Your Guide to Getting Started With Java Certification
The blog explains how to get certified in Java from the training required and the exam practice to getting your certification
Share Your Feedback on any Oracle Product!
Leave constructive peer-to-peer feedback as an Oracle product user. Oracle values its customers and would love to hear what you have to say.
Develop & Deploy Next Generation Technology with Oracle Java Training. Gain an early advantage with our recently released Java SE: Programming I course.
Test Your Java Knowledge
Take a weekly quiz and learn new tricks on Java programming languages, the JVM, performance, microservices, Docker, Java enterprise, and so much more.
bullet Testing Java Microservices
bullet What’s New in JDK 11?
bullet Understanding Oracle JDK Releases in Transition
bullet Value Types Are Coming to the JVM
bullet The Future of JavaFX
bullet Overview of the MicroProfile Rest Client
bullet Why Practice Test-Driven Development?
bullet Deeplearning4j Cheat Sheet
bullet Building Small JVM Container Images Based on Alpine Linux
bullet Which Tools are the most Popular with Java Developers?
bullet How to Iterate the Keys and Values of a Map via the Java Stream API
bullet From Java 8 to Java 11 in Single Step
bullet Guide to the Abstract Factory Design Pattern in Java
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Oracle Code Events
Oracle Code 2019 Call for Papers is Now Open in Five Cities Globally. Submit your papers now!
Oracle CloudWorld
Spend a day in the Cloud and accelerate your development. Learn to rapidly build and deploy rich applications with the power of the Oracle Cloud Platform.
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