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JDK 12 is in Rampdown Phase One. The final 8 JEPs are available in the JDK 12 Early Access build. Download it, try it out, and give us your feedback.

By Yolande Poirier, Java Community Manager
Shenandoah: A Low-Pause-Time Garbage Collector (Experimental)
The new garbage collection (GC) reduces GC pause times by doing evacuation work concurrently with the running Java threads
Early Access Projects
You can download and test OpenJFX, project Panama, project Valhalla, & JDK Mission Control 7
Microbenchmark Suite
A basic suite of microbenchmarks to the JDK source code. Making it easy for developers to run existing microbenchmarks and create new ones
jpackage Early Access 
The packaging tool is a prototype implementation of jpackage, which is a new tool for packaging self-contained Java applications along with a Java Runtime Environment. 
4 Reasons Java EE 7 Application Developer Certification is Important
One reason is the removal of the prerequisites for being an Oracle Certified Associate and an Oracle Certified Professional! Read the blog to learn the next 3.
Share Your Feedback on any Oracle Product!
Leave constructive peer-to-peer feedback as an Oracle product user. Oracle values its customers and would love to hear what you have to say.
Your Guide to Getting Started With Java Certification. Designed to help you find out where to begin, what’s needed and what’s available to prepare.
Test Your Java Knowledge
Take a weekly quiz and learn new tricks on Java programming languages, the JVM, performance, microservices, Docker, Java enterprise, and so much more.
bullet Overview of the MicroProfile Rest Client
bullet What’s New in JDK 11?
bullet Migrating from JDK 8 to JDK 11: What You Need to Know 
bullet JDK 11 Migration Guide
bullet 20 Books Java Programmers Should Read in 2018
bullet How to Develop a Module with Eclipse IDE
bullet How to Get Started and Develop Functions with FN Project
bullet A Start to Finish Guide to Docker with Java
bullet Free Java Course Videos to Become a Clean Code Expert - 30 Episodes
bullet Eclipse Collections by Example
bullet The Most Popular Hibernate and JPA Topics - Beginner and Advanced Tutorials
bullet 10 Maven Security Best Practices
bullet Implementing an Artificial Neural Network in Pure Java (No external dependencies)
bullet Bringing Modern Programming Languages to the Oracle Database with GraalVM
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Oracle Code Events
Oracle Code 2019 Call for Papers is now open in five cities globally. Submit your papers now!
Oracle Code at Oracle OpenWorld 
Join us at an event near you!  Oracle OpenWorld events will take place in London, Dubai and Singapore from January to March. Register today. 
Fosdem & OpenJDK Committers’ Workshop
Join 8000+ developer peers and the Oracle Java platform team  for the annual Fosdem conference on Feb 2-3. The OpenJDK committers will meet on Feb 4
Jfokus is the largest Java-related conferences in Sweden. Java, front end & web; continuous delivery & DevOps, internet of things & artificial intelligence and more. And your chance to meet the Java platform team 
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