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March 2019 Edition Oracle Developer Community Newsletter
Dear Developer Partner Community
As part of the emerging PaaS Partner Community Forum April 8th to 12th 2019 we offer free hands-on trainings to become a cloud expert. You can choose either the two days Innovate SaaS (brand new content) workshop a two days Hackathon workshop or choose between several half day PaaS hands-on labs. The goal of these trainings is to prepare you for customer implementations and to become a certified implementation specialist. Lab topics include: Integration Cloud, Cases & Machine Learning & RPA, API CS, Lifecycle of Microprofile application development with, Managing and Deploying WebLogic Server into Kubernetes cluster, Serverless Application Development with Oracle Functions. Oracle JET, Visual Builder Cloud Service & SaaS, Content & Experience Cloud, Digital Assistant, Blockchain. For details please visit the registration page here.

In case you can’t make it to Spain attend one of our upcoming Digital Assistant (Chatbot) free hands-on training's in Madrid, London, Prague and Doha or one of the upcoming Meetups in Cologne, London, Lisbon and Madrid. All hands-on training's require an Oracle free cloud trial. To request a free 30 days cloud trial, which can be extended or an additional month, please add yourself to our community wiki: PaaS Demo Accounts (Community membership required).

You can promote, free of charge, your service offerings and solutions free of charge at the Oracle solution catalog and cloud marketplace. Now you can provision images, publish in the marketplace, in the Oracle cloud infrastructure.

Oracle Functions is a managed environment for the Fn project. Want to get a first impression? Read the article from Ivar Grimstad and Rolando Carrasco

The latest version of Digital Assistant is available, what’s new in 19.1.3? Do develop a Chatbot make sure you read the best practice tips from the Oracle team. To test your digital assistant Soham offers a testing framework on GitHub. 
Jürgen Kress
For a short summery of our key monthly information watch the Fusion Middleware & PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The March edition highlights the Oracle OpenWorld and Code One call for papers and the emerging PaaS Partner Community Forum, This month’s I will be on-holiday, take the opportunity to watch one of our community webcast on-demand here.

Want to publish your best practice article & news in the next community newsletter? Please feel free to send it via Twitter @wlsCommunity #DeveloperCommunity!

Jürgen Kress
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Table Of Contents
Community Resources
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Emerging PaaS Partner Community Forum 2019 April 8th-10th 2019 Spain
Emerging PaaS Partner Community Forum 2019
The conference for Oracle PaaS & SaaS Partners 
The Oracle emerging PaaS Partner Community Forum is a one week conference for cutting-edge software consultants, engineers and enterprise-level professionals. 

As part of the conference we offer free hands-on trainings to become a cloud expert. You can choose either the two days Innovate SaaS (brand new content) workshop a two days Hackathon workshop or choose between several half day PaaS hands-on labs. The goal of these trainings is to prepare you for customer implementations and to become a certified implementation specialist.
Program Hands on Workshops Thursday & Friday April 11th & 12th 2019.

Location & Schedule:
Meliá Calviá Beach
Carrer Violeta, 1, 07181 Andratx, Illes Balears, Spain
April 8th to April 10th 2019
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Free on-demand PaaS Partner Community Webcasts In March I’m out of the office, tale the opportunity to watch our community webcasts on-demand
Free on-demand PaaS Partner Community Webcasts
bullet Integrate HCM Cloud 
bullet Functions and Cloud Native
bullet Cloud trials & community update
bullet Oracle Integration Cloud Update
bullet Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Preview
bullet Innovate, Extend and Integrate SaaS Overview and Pricing
bullet Robotic Process Automation
bullet Autonomous Mobile Cloud
bullet PaaS Overview Webcast
bullet Blockchain
Watch a Webcast on-demand here cta-arrow
PaaS Partner YouTube Update March 2019
PaaS Partner YouTube Update March 2019
The March edition of the PaaS & Middleware Partner Update contains three topics:
• Call for Papers Oracle OpenWorld and Code One
• Emerging PaaS Partner Community Forum
• On-demand webcasts

For regular updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Thanks for your likes and sharing the video on YouTube and LinkedIn. For the latest PaaS Community information please visit our Community update wiki here (Community membership required).
Watch the video here cta-arrow
Digital Assistant (Chatbot) free hands-on training's 
Digital Assistant (Chatbot)
in Prague, Doha and Madrid
Chatbots are the fastest growing market in mobile application development and extends mobile opportunities to the conversational channel. Oracle Digital Assistant provides the platform and tools to easily build AI-powered assistants that connect to your backend applications. A digital assistant uses artificial intelligence for natural language processing and understanding, to automate engagements with conversational interfaces that respond instantly, improve user satisfaction, and increase business efficiencies.
Prague, Czech March 20th & 21st 2019
Doha, Qatar March 25th & 26th 2019
Madrid, Spain March 25th-27th 2019 (advanced)

For more information please see the Chatbot partner resource kit here.
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Announcing the General Availability of Marketplace in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
General Availability of Marketplace
Today, I’d like to announce the general availability of our Marketplace in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We introduced this feature at OpenWorld San Francisco in October 2018, and we’re proud to make it available to our cloud customers effective immediately.
Cloud Marketplace cta-arrow
Join the Oracle Developer Meetup groups
Want to learn more about developing Enterprise-grade Cloud Native applications on the Oracle Cloud Platform, covering topics like Microservices Architecture, developing in Node, Python and PHP, using Low Code development tools to build Mobile apps, and much more?

Join the Oracle Developer Meetup groups if you want to follow Oracle’s solutions in this area, or participate in the events and hands-on labs we organize:
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Application Development Section
A First Look at Oracle Functions by Ivar Grimstad
A First Look at Oracle Functions by Ivar Grimstad
I am super happy to have gotten the opportunity to test out Oracle Functions through the Cloud Native Limited Availability Program., Oracle Wercker
Oracle Functions. A first impression by Rolando Carrasco
I’ve been working with the Oracle Fn project for about a year, now. I really liked the project since my first contact with it. It was back in December 2017, I was on vacations and decided to get into something new. I remember it was a morning in Cancun, and while my family was deciding where to go, I downloaded the fn project and created my first functions using Go, Python and Java.
It was pretty straight forward to install it and deploy functions, I actually started to say in my presentations that I can challenge anyone to start using it and if in less than five minutes you don’t have a first function deploy, I pay for your dinner.
Invoke Oracle Functions via REST by Ralf Mueller
Invoke Oracle Functions via REST by Ralf Mueller
This post covers invoking a Function deployed on Oracle Functions via oci-curl, an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provided bash script, which enables request signing for OCI RESTful Services.
By the time of this writing, Oracle Functions is in Limited Availability and not released yet. So below UI screen shots, fn CLI commands and Functions API’s are still subject to change.
Configuring a WebLogic Data Source to use ATP by Mark Nelson
Configuring a WebLogic Data Source to use ATP by Mark Nelson
In this post I am going to share details about how to configure a WebLogic data source to use ATP.
If you are not familiar with ATP, it is the new Autonomous Transaction Processing service on Oracle Cloud. It provides a fully managed autonomous database. You can create a new database in the OCI console in the Database menu under “Autonomous Transaction Processing” by clicking on that big blue button:
Writing a Serverless Saga - in code by Ewan Slater
Writing a Serverless Saga - in code by Ewan Slater
In this workshop, you're going to create a serverless implementation of the saga pattern. You're going to build this using Fn, an open source, container - native, serverless platform. Overview
Fn is an open - source, container-native serverless platform.
Serverless Jenkins Pipelines with Fn Project by Carlos Sanchez
Serverless Jenkins Pipelines with Fn Project by Carlos Sanchez
The Jenkinsfile-Runner-Fn project is a Fn Project (a container native, cloud agnostic serverless platform) function to run Jenkins pipelines. It will process a GitHub webhook, git clone the repository and execute the Jenkinsfile in that git repository. It allows scalability and pay per use with zero cost if not used.
This function allows Jenkinsfile execution without needing a persistent Jenkins master running in the same way as Jenkins X Serverless, but using the Fn Project platform (and supported providers like Oracle Functions) instead of Kubernetes.
Conversational UI with Oracle Digital Assistant
Conversational UI with Oracle Digital Assistant and Fn Project. Part III. Moving to the cloud by Eugene Fedorenko
In this post I am going to continue the story of implementing a conversational UI for FlexDeploy on top of Oracle Digital Assistant and Fn Project. Today I am going to move the serverless API working around my chatbot to the cloud, so the entire solution is working in the cloud.
Combining FaaS functions
Combining FaaS functions using fn Flow to solve complex tasks
In the first two posts of this series I promoted FaaS as valuable architectural style for certain use cases and how to develop functions using Oracle’s fn Project. So far I combined several functions either using the unix shell or by manually executing several API calls. Of course this is not a solution for productive software. Therefore, this post will concentrate on fn Project’s approach of combining FaaS functions using fn Flow to solve complex tasks.
Helidon at Oracle Developer Meetup
Helidon at Oracle Developer Meetup – London by Phil Wilkins
Last night was the first Oracle Developer Meetup in London for 2019. We were very fortunate to have Tomas Langer fly over to talk about the new micro container/framework being developed as an open source solution by Oracle.

Tomas, opened by explaining the evolution of the micro-profile being championed by the Eclipse Foundation who are now the guardians of J2EE also known as Jakarta and how the J2EE and Micro-Profile standards compare (in simplistic terms – micro-profile is J2EE stripped back to be simple and support what is typically needed in a microservice world).
Developer Tool Section
Zero Code Testing Framework
Zero Code Testing Framework for Oracle Digital Assistant by Soham Dasgupta
This test framework has 2 parts :
1. bot-webhook-server
2. bot-test-framework
This is a webhook server based on @oracle/bots-node-sdk, sits between ODA and bot-test-framework.
Update "service.js" to provide the Webhook channel (url and secret) information. You can get this info from the Oracle Digital Assistant console, from Channel configuration.
Best Practices and Tips for Conversational Design
Best Practices and Tips for Conversational Design and User Experience in Oracle Digital Assistant by Frank Nimphius 
The power of a conversational interface, such as Oracle Digital Assistant, lies in the ability for a user to communicate using natural language using phrases and terms with which they are familiar and comfortable. So, rather than a user interaction being railroaded by the implementation of an IT system, the Nirvana is a naturally flowing conversation. However, the freedom of an open and loosely structured interface such as spoken and written language may exponentially add to the complexity of how you design these systems.
Oracle Digital Assistant
What is New and What Has Changed in Oracle Digital Assistant 19.1.3 by Don McInnes
Changes that must be made when migrating chatbots that were built on versions prior to 19.1.3.
• Oracle Digital Assistant 19.1.3 introduces significant new capabilities including
• Support for additional messaging channels (Microsoft Teams, Cortana, Skype and Slack)
• Service Cloud agent handoff enhancements
Oracle Digital Assistant
How to remote-control skill bots in Oracle Digital Assistant through parameterization by Frank Nimphius 
Skills in Oracle Digital Assistant can have custom parameters defined that you can either use to achieve consistent configuration for entities and components in the skill, or to provide controls for digital assistant bot designers to "harmonize" the behavior of different skills.
Especially skills developed by different teams may not follow the same look and feel or may not adapt the same to constraints applied by messengers.
Oracle Bots Nodes
Oracle Bots Nodes.js SDK: Controlling Smart Homes Using IFTTT Applets with Oracle Digital Assistant by Stefan Wörmcke
Digital assistants like Siri, Alexa & Co control your smart home: switch on lights, control heating and more. But can you do the same using Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA)? Or is Oracle Digital Assistant just an intelligent front end for integrating enterprise backend systems?
The answer to both questions is a big and bold yes. It is the part where IFTTT (if-this-then-that) comes into play. 
Human Agent Conversation
How to Disconnect a Human Agent Conversation in Oracle Digital Assistant for Users Closing the Browser Window by Frank Nimphius 
A very popular use case for chatbots is the integration of the chat window into a website or web application. However, a challenge with this setup is when the user abandons a chat conversation by closing the browser window. In this case, Oracle Digital Assistant stops the Web Channel conversation after a predefined period of time, which usually is not within seconds but mostly within the 10s of minutes.
Free Oracle Virtual Developer Workshop
Free Oracle Virtual Developer Workshop: Visual Builder Cloud Service
This Visual Builder Cloud Service workshop will walk you through the following tasks:
• Provisioning a New Visual Builder Cloud Service
• Creating a Cloud Native Web and Mobile Application
• Loading Data Sets, and Access Cloud Data Structures
• Integrating Applications with Custom REST Endpoints
Oracle JET Component in VBCS by Herman
How to use any Oracle JET Component in VBCS by Herman Hensinga
Oracle JET has more components than available in VBCS. Using Web Components you can extend VBCS yourself with the missing JET components.
In Oracle JET you can add a Paging control to a table. For that you have to use a PagingDataSource. The Paging Control and PagingDataSource are (out of the box) not available in VBCS .
By using a Web/Composite Component I am able to add a Paging control to a Table component.
Business Object Functions
Creating & Invoking Business Object Functions from Visual Builder UI byShay Shmeltzer
The business object layer in Visual Builder allows you to add business logic that can implement functionality on your data layer. In this blog we are going to show you how to use such a function to iterate over a set of records in a parent/child relationship, and update a set of records in a single REST call, as well as how to invoke that function from your visual builder UI. It's worth mentioning here that these functions can also be invoked from other applications that need access to your business services.
Developing Enterprise Applications
Practical Oracle JET: Developing Enterprise Applications in JavaScript by Daniel Curtis
Learn how to use Oracle's JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) as a solution to the all too common problem of internal back office and intranet applications that are typically ugly, clunky, and cumbersome to use. JET simultaneously provides you with a JavaScript toolkit that is cutting-edge while being stable enough for enterprise development in an ecosystem that is notorious for its fast-paced rate of change.
Cross Field Form Validation
Cross Field Form Validation in Oracle JET by Andrejus Baranovskis
JET keeps evolving and in the latest versions - toolkit provides improved support for form cross-field validation. It is much easier to implement validation than it was before. I will show it in this example.
Example of the data entry form. Validation logic:
- Invoice Date before Payment Due Date and Payment Date
- Payment Due Date before Payment Date
Example when two fields fail validation:
Oracle JET: Building the Community
Oracle JET: Building the Community! April 3rd 2019
The second Oracle JET community meetup will be focused on community activities around the world, as well as a look into new and upcoming features. (Watch the recording of the first one here.)
Listen and discuss with developers around the world about their use of JET for enterprise applications today. 
JET - custom event
JET - custom event wrappers by Anirban Mukherjee
Since the introduction of web components (formerly known as CCAs) in Oracle JET, the HTML development pattern has become quite standardized for a developer. Almost all the UI components provided by JET development team have now been converted into custom elements, with their own set of properties, methods, events, etc.
However, there are times when your business use-case may not be sufficiently fulfilled by the components provided by default, and you may need to stretch them. 
Oracle ADF or Oracle JET
Oracle ADF or Oracle JET - An Update by Shay Shmeltzer 
Back in 2015 I wrote a blog entry to help our customers get a clear picture about the Oracle ADF vs Oracle JET "debate", over the years I kept pointing people to this writeup as a simple summary of what we are aiming to do and as a guideline for picking the technology you should use. However, the technology world is an ever changing place, and I believe that it is time to do a bit of an update of that entry to reflect the current status.
ADF Performance Improvement
ADF Performance Improvement with Nginx Compression by Andrejus Baranovskis
We are using Nginx web server for Oracle ADF WorkBetter hosted demo hosted on DigitalOcean cloud server. Nginx helps to serve web application content fast and offer improved performance. One of the important tuning options - content compression, Nginx does this job well and is simple to setup.
Monitoring an ADF Application
Monitoring an ADF Application in a Docker Container. Easy Way by Eugene Fedorenko
In this short post I am going to show a simple approach to make sure that your ADF application running inside a Docker container is a healthy Java application in terms of memory utilization. I am going to use a standard tool JConsole which comes as a part of JDK installation on your computer. If there is a problem (i.e. a memory leak, often GCs, long GCs, etc.) you will see it with JConsole.
JDeveloper: executeWithParams
JDeveloper: executeWithParams Problem: bind variable setters are not called by Timo Hahn
In one of my current bigger ADF projects (yes, there are still big ADF projects!) I had a problem with the ‘executeWithParams’ operation binding called from a bean. To understand the problem I first give a brief description.
We have a special string column in some of our VOs. For this column, there is a bind parameter which is added to the where clause of the VO. Getter and setter for this bind parameters are generated to be able to set this parameter safely. In the setter method, some checks are done and special formatting is applied to the passed value.
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Training Calendar Developer Partner Community
Training Calendar Developer Partner Community
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PaaS free trial
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PaaS Demo Accounts (Community membership required)
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My private Corner – prepare the demo!
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