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The proposed schedule has been announced with the general release date for September 17th, 2019. Check out the progress of this release on OpenJDK website

By Yolande Poirier, Java Community Manager
Announcing the NEW Java SE 11 Developer Certification
Learning modular programming, precise and secure coding management and all the latest new features and functionality in Java SE 11. Learn how to prepare to become certified as an Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 11 Developer!
New Java Certification!
Java EE 7 Application Developer exam is now live. NEW: We have removed the prerequisite of SE OCA and OCP. Read all the exam topics at Java EE 7 exam
Dynamic CDS Archives (JEP 350)
Extend application class-data sharing to allow the dynamic archiving of classes at the end of Java application execution
Project Panama Early Access Builds
The project tests a prototype implementation of the native binder from the foreign branch
A New (Japanese) Era for Java!
Learn how Java is addressing the new Japanese calendaring process.
User Group Champions Program
Check out this limited-time program providing a 25% discount on all Oracle Learning Subscriptions and Oracle Certification Vouchers to User Group members across the globe
Live Webinar: Java SE 8 to 12: The Latest Developments & How They Impact your Code
Get the latest Java insights from runtime features emerging between Java SE 8 and 12, and how you can upgrade your skills to the latest release.
Test Your Java Knowledge
Take a weekly quiz and learn new tricks on Java programming languages, the JVM, performance, microservices, Docker, Java enterprise, and so much more.
bullet Coding Your Way to Java 12
bullet Future of the Java programming language: Three Major Projects on the Horizon
bullet Helidon: A Simple Cloud Native Framework
bullet Why We Need Abstraction in Java?
bullet Immutable Objects in Java
bullet Java 12: Mapping with Switch Expressions
bullet Java Garbage Collection Basics
bullet Top 6 Best Books for Learning Java Programming
bullet Guide to jlink
bullet Guide to Switch Expressions coming to Java 12
bullet Java 12 Released with Experimental Switch Expressions and Shenandoah GC
bullet Deduplication trick in legacy code
bullet Spring Boot Consuming and Producing JSON
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Oracle Code One 2019
Registration is now open for Oracle Code One in San Francisco. The developer conference includes many tracks on Java technologies and developer communities.
Oracle Code Event Series 
Each free event enable developers to explore the latest and greatest developer technologies, practices, and trends.
Oracle Code at Oracle OpenWorld
Join us at an event near you! Oracle OpenWorld events will take place in London, Dubai, Singapore and more. Register today.
The big reunion of the Java community in Spain once again offers three days of lectures by top speakers, and interactive community activities.
Devoxx 2019
Join thousands of developers at one of the six Devoxx conferences in France, UK, Poland, Belgium, Morocco, and Ukraine.
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