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JDK 13 Early Access Builds  
Download and start testing with early access builds of JDK 13, the next JDK feature release due out in September 2019 

By Yolande Poirier, Java Community Manager  
                                   Redwood City, CA May 2019 
Switch Expressions 
A preview feature in JDK 12, the JEP 354 proposes that the enhancements become a final and permanent feature in the next JDK.
NEW Java SE 11 Developer Certification
Learning modular programming, precise and secure coding management and all the latest new features and functionality in Java SE 11. 
OpenJDK on GitHub  
Check out the read-only mirrors of OpenJDK lines of development now available on GitHub. 
Z Garbage Collector (JEP 351)
Proposed to target JDK 13 is ZGC, Uncommit Unused Memory. The aim is for the ZGC to return unused heap memory to the operating system.
User Group Champions Program
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Test Your Java Knowledge
Take a weekly quiz and learn new tricks on Java programming languages, the JVM, performance, microservices, Docker, Java enterprise, and so much more.
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bullet Everything you want to know about JavaFX 
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Registration is now open for Oracle Code One in San Francisco. The developer conference includes many tracks on Java technologies.
Oracle Code Event Series 
Each free event enables developers to explore the latest and greatest developer technologies, practices, and trends.
The big reunion of the Java community in Spain once again offers three days of lectures by top speakers, and interactive community activities.
Devoxx 2019
Join thousands of developers at one of the six Devoxx conferences in France, UK, Poland, Belgium, Morocco, and Ukraine.
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