June 2019 Edition Oracle PaaS Partner Community Newsletter
Dear PaaS Partner Community,
Want to increase the Oracle PaaS business? Create new service offerings and solutions for the Cloud? Attend the PaaS Overview Webcast July 2nd 2019. Martijn Vlek, Vice President Sales Cloud Native & Integration will present the latest PaaS sales plays, kits and how to get access to the Oracle Cloud platform.

Registration for the ninth edition of the PaaS Summer Camp is open. The training takes place August 26th - 30th 2019 in Lisbon Portugal. The goal is to enable partners to develop and deploy successful Oracle Cloud Platform Services. Attendees can choose between three different hands-on tracks:
  • Integration & Process: Integrate & Extend SaaS: ERP & HCM
  • Application Development with Microservices and Containers
  • Chatbot & Content Management
For details please visit the registration page here.

You have implemented successful solutions, based on the Oracle Cloud Platform, at your customers? Time to shine, submit your Oracle Excellence Award nomination here. An outstanding success story and award winner is the Coop case implemented by Capgemini.

In the process & innovation section we published a free on-demand training to build a custom user interface for a process application. Niall describes how to link a process to a cloud instance. While Phil described Oracle approach to robotic process automation and Everything As Code. Oracle Blockchain is an Oracle PaaS services and a SaaS service. One of the first SaaS solutions is supply chain tracking
Jürgen Kress
For a short summery of our key monthly information watch the Fusion Middleware & PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The June edition highlights the PaaS overview webcast, the summer camp and the Oracle Excellence awards. This month’s community webcast will be an update on process cloud services join our monthly PaaS Partner Community Webcast – June 25th 2019.

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Table Of Contents
Community Annoucements
PaaS Overview Webcast July 2nd 2019
Want to increase the Oracle PaaS business? Create new service offerings and solutions for the Cloud?

Join the webcast with Martijn Vlek, Vice President Sales Cloud Native & Integration on July 2nd 2019.

  • PaaS update
  • Sales Plays & Cheat Sheets
  • Customer presentations & demos
Speakers: Martijn Vlek & Jürgen Kress
Schedule: July 2nd 2019 16:00-17:00 CET
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New Sales Central Content for FY20
Our Sales Central pages are loaded with new content to equip our sellers with all the materials they need. Sales kits include elevator pitch, cheat sheet, reference and customer presentation in ppt format. Check those out (and make sure to download and give your ratings).

Overview: Sales kits: Product Content:
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Oracle Excellence Award 2019: Oracle Cloud Innovation
A critical value proposition for Platform as a Service is to accelerate and amplify business impact. This award honors customers for their leading-edge solutions using Oracle Cloud Platform to deliver business value. Oracle honors winners for the uniqueness of their business case, business benefits, level of impact relative to the size of the organization, complexity and magnitude of the implementation, and the originality of the architecture.
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Oracle Process Cloud Services – PaaS Partner Community Webcast June 25th 2019
  • Attend our June edition of the PaaS Partner Community Webcast live on June 25th 2019
Process Cloud Service

Drive business agility with Oracle Integration Cloud's process automation for digital transformation. Go from idea to app in minutes - not months - with Robotic Process Automation, Adaptive Case Management, and best next action recommendations. Limit training by embedding your digital innovations directly in SaaS applications and optimize end-to-end operations with real-time insights into business outcomes. For more information please visit the website here.

Presenter: Nicolas Damonte, Senior Director
Call ID: 5566478 and Passcode: 271735UK: +44 (0) 208 118 1001 & United States: +1 40 877 440 73
Schedule: Tuesday June 25th 2019 16:30-17:30 CET.
Watch live here
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PaaS Partner YouTube Update June 2019
PaaS free trial accounts
The June edition of the PaaS Partner Update contains four topics:
  • PaaS Overview webcast
  • PaaS Summer Camp 2019
  • Oracle Excellence Awards
  • Process Cloud community webcast
For regular updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Thanks for your likes and sharing the video on YouTube and LinkedIn. For the latest PaaS Community information please visit our Community update wiki here (Community membership required).
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Join the Oracle Developer Meetup groups
We launched three new local Meetup locations in Cairo, Frankfurt and Porto! Want to learn more about developing Enterprise-grade Cloud Native applications on the Oracle Cloud Platform, covering topics like Microservices Architecture, developing in Node, Python and PHP, using Low Code development tools to build Mobile apps, and much more?

Join the Oracle Developer Meetup groups if you want to follow Oracle’s solutions in this area, or participate in the events and hands-on labs we organize:
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Cairo, Egypt
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PaaS free trial accounts
As part of our communities we do offer free PaaS accounts.
To request a free 30 days cloud trial, which can be extended or an additional month, please add yourself to our community wiki:
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Integration Section
Video: Oracle Integration and HCM Cloud Transform Recruiting
The Co-operative Group automated their recruitment process to reduce hiring time by connecting and extending their HCM Cloud. Head of Resourcing Services Yvonne Foster shares how Oracle Integration helped accelerate her innovation. Watch this new customer video. Special thanks to the Capgemini UK team for this successful implementation! You have implemented Oracle PaaS successful at a customer? Submit your success story here.
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Avatar-Guided Oracle Integration Simulator Demo
This interactive simulator leads you through the Oracle Integration experience. Configure connectors, build an integration flow, map data, and activate your dashboard. We highly encourage you to share this demo with prospects; it is available on and in Sales Central.
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Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) - Tips & Tricks by Anthony Hobart
While working with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) on a number of customer projects recently, I've come across a few handy tips and tricks to make life easier.

TIP-1 : Accessing Variables Across Scopes
TIP-2 : REST Adapter PATCH Verb Support
TIP-3 : REST Inbound Message Size
TIP-4 : Convert CSV as String to XML
Demystifying Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) by Eduardo Barra Cordeiro
In my previous article, I gave some input about the Oracle API Platform as a digital transformation enabler. Today I am going to walk you through another product, Oracle Integration Cloud, and try to demystify what the product is and who benefits from it. I will also provide some use cases for this platform.
oracle netsuite
OIC Integration with Netsuite - initial setup and basic troubleshooting by Niall Commiskey
It's always good to try new things,
so here I am checking out OIC integration with Netsuite. This post covers the following -
1. Creating a new user in Netsuite, giving them login permissions and assigning roles.
2. Activating that user in Netsuite for web services access.
3. Creating a connection to Netsuite in OIC, leveraging the user created.
Application services governance
OIC-integration-with-Oracle ATP by Subhani Sahib Italapuram
ATP Adapter is available as part of feature flag. Please refer blog on feature flags.
The Oracle ATP Adapter enables you to run stored procedures or SQL statements on Oracle ATP CS as part of an integration in Oracle Integration.
Please note that you could use the ATP adapter to connect to Autonomous Data Warehouse as well.
The Oracle ATP Adapter provides the following benefits:
Oracle Delivery Integration
Ordering Delivery with Oracle Integration by Antony Reynolds
We often need to ensure that messages are processed in strict order, in this blog post I explain a pattern that enables this to be enforced using Oracle Integration. The pattern also deals with the case where we need to limit the concurrency of calls to an endpoint system.
This article was co-written with Glenn Mi & David Craft
The Sequencing Problem
The basic problem is that I may issue a stream of requests that must be executed in order, for example create account, update account address, update account contacts. The latter two activities cannot occur until the first has completed.
OIC Flows
A Simple Guide to Return Custom HTTP Error Response from REST based OIC Flows by Anuj Kaushal
The REST Adapter in the trigger (inbound) direction exposes an HTTP endpoint that HTTP clients can request for using an HTTP request, and returns an HTTP response.
If successful, the REST Adapter returns a success response. The REST Adapter returns an error response with an HTTP status belonging to the error family of codes depending on the situation. The following table describes the possible cause and the REST Adapter response.
OAuth REST Connection
OAuth Custom Three Legged Security Policy in REST Connection: Oracle Integration Cloud by Ankur Jain 
In the previous article, we have described the OAuth Custom Two Legged Security Policy in REST Connection. This article will show how to create a connection with REST APIs which uses the three-legged OAuth security policy to access the APIs. For the demo purpose, we'll take an example of LinkedIn REST API which uses the three-legged authentication to authenticate the REST APIs.
OTAC Taleo
Oracle Integration Cloud Taleo EE (OTAC) - Create Requisition by Niall Commiskey
As you can see, I am looking to hire a philosopher. The above "Requisition" was created via the Taleo UI. But how could I leverage OIC to do the same?My first port of call was TCC. As per the previous post - I need a wrapsoap file describing the Requisition. Now I am just kicking the tyres - I have no sample input csv file, I don't know what a Requisition looks like; so where do I start? Read the complete article here.
Microsoft SQL adapter OIC
Microsoft SQL adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud by Ankur Jain 
In this article, we are going to explain MS adapter, its capabilities and how to create a connection with MS SQL server that resides in the on-premises network.

Micrsoft SQL server Adapter capabilities

The Microsoft SQL Server Adapter enables to integrate the Microsoft SQL Server database residing behind the firewall of your on-premises environment with Oracle Integration Cloud Service through use of the on-premises connectivity agent. 
Cloud Podcast Cafe
Moving SOA to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by Robert Wunderlich
Many customers are running their workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic (OCI-C), but the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers compelling benefits that customers should consider moving their workloads to the "gen 2 cloud". Additionally if the customer is not yet running SOA or above, now is an ideal time to make the move.
Oracle API Platform Cloud Service – Enabling the Digital Transformation by Eduardo Barra Cordeiro
We live in a digital world. With the digital transformation, customers demand connectivity and innovative services. And in this rapidly changing marketplace, they have more options than ever. Companies need to respond quickly. It can be tough to keep up. On the bright side, this is a really exciting time because we can, in fact, deliver faster. And more. So how can you meet consumers expectations?
API Platform Plans Subscriptions
API Platform – Plans & Subscriptions by Phil Wilkins
When it comes to Plans and Subscriptions on the Oracle API Platform we have a very flexible set of relationships. When it comes to checking the relationships to ensure a configuration is correct and that the impact of changing a plan or subscription is clear. I end up having to draw a little diagram, which always leaves me second guessing myself about which way the linkages are. So I created a quick aide memoir, particularly given the unfortunate fact that Oracle’s online documentation isn’t great for diagrams.
FlexDeploy Loves Oracle API Platform: Series Overview by Joel Wenzel
APIs are everywhere. The API boom is upon us and Oracle doesn’t intend to sit this one out. Oracle API Platform, released in 2017, is Oracle’s answer to API lifecyle management and provides everything you would expect from a typical API abstraction layer such as:
Gateway Node Oracle API Cloud Service
Quick steps for setting up a Gateway Node in Oracle API Cloud Service By Sven Bernhardt
Oracle API Platform Cloud Service (APIP CS) is an API Management Platform for covering the complete API lifecycle. A general overview about the solution is provided in one of my previous blog posts.
In this blog post, I’ll summarize the steps that are needed to setup a first API Gateway Gateway Node.
Business Process Management & Innovation Section
Process Automation Tips and Tricks
Process Automation: Tips and Tricks for Forms in Oracle Integration free on-demand training
Explore the samples to learn about several features, such as wizards, tables, and dynamic lists, that you can add to a form in a process application. Pick and choose from topics that interest you.
Oracle Process Cloud
Oracle Process Cloud - linking to a process instance by Niall Commiskey
Use case here - Customer wants a process creator to be notified when a process has completed.
In this case, an email containing a link to the process history in Workspace. I try this out with the my instance id –
Now to my process - not the most complex of processes, I'm sure you will agree.
Believe the Hype Webinar
Oracle Integration Approach to RPA by Phil Wilkins
With the recent announcement of working with Automation Anywhere (press release here) adding to the partnership already in place with UiPath, Oracle’s approach to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is differing to other players such as SAP and Pega Systems for example who have acquired vendors.
It is an interesting question as to whether partnering is the right solution given that RPA vendors can and do challenge the need for an integration platform. After all with the exception of IoT most solutions have an some form of UI or API the robot can connect to. This assertion whilst isn’t wrong it fundamentally overlooks the ability to push transaction volumes through, UIs are vulnerable to change, the ability to apply very robust security. But when discussing integration needs with business rather than technology leaders such factors can be so easily overlooked.
Blockchain Supply Chain App
Blockchain Supply Chain App for Intelligent Track & Trace by Mary Hall
Blockchain technology offers greater transparency and a single source of truth for for participants using supply chain networks. Intelligent track and trace of orders, goods and delays via blockchain could expedite the sending and receipt of goods.
Today’s supply chains produce multiple data points often times resulting in thousands of daily transactions that need to be validated and confirmed.
Believe the Hype Webinar
Everything As Code – Article for PTK by Phil Wilkins
PTK (Pass The Knowledge) is the new name for the Independent UK Oracle User Group‘s journal, previously known as Oracle Scene. Yesterday saw the 1st release under its new name, and I’m proud to say that I have an article included called Everything as Code.
Not only that, it is great to see the journal includes the appearance of one of my Oracle Team colleagues at Capgemini – Amy Simpson-Grange (here).
Additional New Material for PaaS Community
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OOP 2020 - Call for Papers  cta-arrow
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Oracle University Announces 1st Annual Global Partner Summit: July 9–11
My private Corner – prepare the demo!
Oracle University is hosting its first ever Global Partner Summit July 9-11 in Munich, Germany. Partners will have the opportunity to hear directly from Oracle Product and Oracle University leadership on FY20 strategy and product roadmaps, helping partners identify new market opportunities and also learn ways grow their business with Oracle. Learn more about the event and register today!
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My private Corner - Bring the Innovation Awards home! 
Every year we bring home multiple global Oracle Innovation and Oracle partner awards from Oracle Open World in San Francisco. Last year partners like Avanttic, Capgemini and Griffith Waite have been recognized. It’s a great opportunity to shine, publish and promote your success. In case you have implemented successful Oracle Cloud solutions please submit a nomination. We recommend to highlight the customer success including the achieved business benefits. Let’s keep the awards in EMEA!
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