July 2019 Edition Oracle PaaS Partner Community Newsletter
Dear PaaS Partner Community,
Want to increase the Oracle Cloud business? Create new service offerings and solutions for the Cloud? Watch the on-demand PaaS Overview Webcast. Martijn Vlek, Vice President Sales Cloud Native & Integration presents the latest PaaS sales plays, kits and how to get access to the Oracle Cloud platform. You as an Oracle partner can use the same content that we use to train the internal Oracle sales team. Each sales kit includes an elevator pitch, battle card, customer presentation in ppt format and references. Feel free to adopt the kits with your services offering. As a tip we recommend to distribute the battle cards in your sales team valets. Access the Oracle sales kits on sales central here.

Registration for the ninth edition of the PaaS Summer Camp is open. The training takes place August 26th-30th 2019 in Lisbon Portugal. For details please visit the registration page here.

This month’s we start a new series to promote your partners customer success. Watch Luis Weir, CTO Capgemini how he disrupts financial industry clients with solutions based on the Oracle Cloud Platform. We want to promote your customer success! Have you implemented successful a solution based on the Oracle Cloud Platform? Submit your success story via the customer reference program.

The June edition of Oracle Integration Cloud 19.2.3 release includes new integration features like Inline Activity Stream with timestamps, New Automation Anywhere adapter and the ability to edit a Schedule from the Integration design page. New process features include Canvas changes, Common expression builder in Decision modeling editor, Conditional expressions in data association, Smart sentries in dynamic processes, Promote process application samples to the gallery for easy sharing and QuickStart Apps enhancements.

In the process & innovation section we published a blog post from Ankur how to develop a simple application from scratch and to enable notifications. The Blockchain team released an intelligent track and trace SaaS solution. Mario describes in an article the connection of Blockchain and IoT
Jürgen Kress
For a short summary of our key monthly information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The July edition highlights sales, marketing and enablement support for partners. This month’s community webcast will be a joint webcast with our partner Evosys to innovate, extend and integrate SaaS our monthly PaaS Partner Community Webcast – July 19th 2019.

Want to publish your best practice article & news in the next community newsletter? Please feel free to send it via Twitter @soaCommunity #PaaSCommunity!
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Community Annoucements
PaaS Summer Camp August 26th - 30th, 2019
Lisbon, Portugal
Community Forum 2019
Registration for the ninth edition of the PaaS Summer Camp is open. The training takes place August 26th-30th 2019 in Lisbon Portugal. The goal is to enable partners to develop and deploy successful Oracle Cloud Platform Services.

Quotes previous trainings:
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PaaS Overview Webcast on-demand
Want to increase the Oracle PaaS business? Create new service offerings and solutions for the Cloud?
Watch the on-demand webcast with Martijn Vlek, Vice President Sales Cloud Native & Integration.
• PaaS update
• Sales Plays & Cheat Sheets
• Customer presentations & demos
Speakers: Martijn Vlek & Jürgen Kress
Get access to the sales kits here.
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New Sales Central Content for FY20
Our Sales Central pages are loaded with new content to equip our sellers with all the materials they need. Sales kits include elevator pitch, cheat sheet, reference and customer presentation in ppt format. Check those out (and make sure to download and give your ratings).

Overview: Sales kits: Product Content:
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Innovate, extend and integrate SaaS with PaaS – PaaS Partner Community Webcast July 19th 2019
SaaS applications alone are often not enough – extend & integrate them with PaaS powered solutions. Whether you are just starting your journey to the cloud or have fully embraced it, Oracle Cloud Platform has the most comprehensive suite of PaaS solutions to help you increase business agility and drive innovation in the cloud. For more information please get the partner resource kit here.

Dhwani Shah, Principal Consultant - Oracle PaaS Solutions and Oracle Technologies, Evosys
Ian Wallis, Business Development Director, Oracle EMEA

Call ID: 5566478 and Passcode: 270736
UK: +44 (0) 208 118 1001 & United States: +1 40 877 440 73
Schedule: Friday July 19th 2019 16:00-17:00 CET.

Watch live here
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PaaS Partner YouTube Update July 2019
PaaS free trial accounts
The July edition of the PaaS Partner Update contains three topics:
  • Sales support for partners
  • Marketing support for partners
  • Enablement support for partners
For regular updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Thanks for your likes and sharing the video on YouTube and LinkedIn. For the latest PaaS Community information please visit our Community update wiki here (Community membership required)
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PaaS Partner Success Videos: Capgemini disrupts financial industry clients
Watch Luis Weir, CTO Capgemini how he disrupts financial industry clients with solutions based on the Oracle Cloud Platform. 
PAAS, Open Banking and Blockchain - Capgemini have had many successes providing solutions to the Financial Industry. Luis Weir tells their story. For more information please visit the solution catalog.
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New 2019 Implementation Certifications
Implementation Certifications
Enablement and certification is key to cloud success.
At the Oracle Competence Center and Online Learning Library partners can attend free on-line classes and certifications. Additional we offer the latest implementation exams ($245 or free vouchers) for: 

Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2019 Associate | 1Z0-1042
Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2019 Associate | 1Z0-1041
Oracle Cloud Platform Content and Experience 2019 Associate | 1Z0-1040
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Click-to-Launch Solution Stacks with Marketplace to the Oracle Cloud
OCI Marketplace
Oracle is excited to announce that you can now launch fully automated solution templates or stacks directly from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment. 
This capability is a key enhancement to our third-party software marketplace for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
With stacks, you can evaluate, select, and deploy end-to-end solutions from our partners that are validated to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and are supported by the partner. 
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Join the Oracle Developer Meetup groups
We launched three new local Meetup locations in Cairo, Frankfurt and Porto! Want to learn more about developing Enterprise-grade Cloud Native applications on the Oracle Cloud Platform, covering topics like Microservices Architecture, developing in Node, Python and PHP, using Low Code development tools to build Mobile apps, and much more?

Join the Oracle Developer Meetup groups if you want to follow Oracle’s solutions in this area, or participate in the events and hands-on labs we organize:
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Cairo, Egypt
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PaaS free trial accounts ICS, SOA CS, API CS, PCS, IoT and PaaS for
PaaS free trial accounts
As part of our communities we do offer free PaaS accounts.
To request a free 30 days cloud trial, which can be extended or an additional month, please add yourself to our community wiki:
PaaS Demo Accounts (Community membership required)
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Integration Section
Oracle Integration Cloud 19.2.3 Release - New Features by Niall Commiskey
Integration Cloud Release
The official doc describing the new features etc. is here
Some things that caught my eye:

Integration Improvements
• Inline Activity Stream with timestamps -
• New Automation Anywhere adapter –
• Ability to edit a Schedule from the Integration design page 
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How The Co-op Cut Time to Hire in Two Quarters by Daryl Eicher
Co-up Cut Time
We had to re-imagine our recruitment service…
When you’re one of the largest co-operatives in the world with £9.5 billion in revenue and your hiring managers are spending 4 minutes and 60 clicks to open a job requisition, what will it do for in-store performance to cut that to 30 seconds and 5 clicks? Yvonne Foster, Head of Resourcing Services at The Co-op, wanted to know.
Connected HCM was part of the answer and her team set out to reduce their time to hire as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 

Congratulations to our partner Capgemini for this successful implementation.
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Stage File Write
Using Stage File Write operation(with opaque schema) to copy files by Namratha Narayan
The stage file action can process each file downloaded by the FTP Adapter. The stage file action can read, write, zip, unzip, and list files in a staged location known to Oracle Integration Cloud.
For example, you may include a stage file action in an integration as follows:
PGP Encryption securing files
Securing files using PGP encryption (Part-1-Encryption): Oracle Integration by Ankur Jain
Are you scared the data can be hijacked during transmission of the files if we are doing transactions using the Integration Cloud? Do not scare, read the article and feel comfortable to transmit the files in a secured manner.

Oracle Integration Cloud provides Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) mechanism to encrypt or decrypt the files which allow us to read/write files in a secure manner.
PGP encryption securing files 2
Securing files using PGP encryption (Part-2-Decryption): Oracle Integration by Ankur Jain
This is the second part of transferring the secured file over SFTP in Oracle Integration Cloud. In the previous blog, we showcased how to create encrypted files using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) mechanism.
In the article, we'll process the encrypted file, decrypt it and print the records into the logs.
OIC ATP Adapter
OIC - First Steps with the ATP adapter by Niall Commiskey
ATP = Autonomous Transaction Processing from Oracle.

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing delivers a self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing database service that can instantly scale to meet demands of mission critical applications.
zip files oic
How to create ZIP files: Oracle Integration Cloud by Ankur Jain  
Are you keen to know how to create zip files in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)? This is the article, which will let you know how to create zip files on SFTP.
In my old articles, we demonstrate other FTP adapter feature for example: unzip the file, read-write csv/xml files, handle large files etc..
After this article, you will be able to create a zip file containing multiple types of files.
migrating ics to oic
Migrating ICS to OIC by Niall Commiskey
First question - Why migrate?
How about the following 3 compelling reasons -
1. OIC is your Swiss Army knife, when it comes to integration. It contains not only integration, but also Process and Visual Builder. So now you can also extend your apps and create net new apps on top of your SaaS apis.
Monitoring pages in OIC
Custom time range filter for monitoring pages in OIC by Arya Sanyal
Custom time range filter is a new time based filter being added in the monitoring pages, which allows an user to filter runtime data for a user-defined time period. This filter will be available under feature flag.
Managing API Costs
Managing API Gateway Costs with Oracle API Platform by Phil Wilkins
The Oracle API Platform adopted an intelligent pricing model by basing costs on API call volumes and Logical gateway node groupings per hour. In our book about the API Platform (more here). We suggested that a good logical grouping would be to reflect the development, test, preproduction and production model. This makes it nice and easy to use gateway based routing to different environments without needing to change the API policy configuration as you promote your solution through environments.
Update SOA Timeouts
How to Update Oracle SOA 11g Timeouts by Sebastian Marucci
Imagine your SOA/BPM application is consuming a service (internal or third party) that takes more than 5 minutes to reply, which is more than the default JTA timeout. What would happen in this situation? The result is a faulted instance.
Last month at a Oracle BPM project, we faced a similar situation. After doing some research, we realized that not only do you have to update the EJBs or JTA timeouts, but there are also several other timeouts to tweak. In fact, six different timeouts need to be updated. Five of them related to the Oracle SOA Suite, plus the DB timeout. Here’s an overview of the 6 timeouts that we had to update and how to do so!
Business Process Management & Innovation Section
Oracle Process Cloud
A Simple application from Scratch: Oracle Process Cloud by Ankur Jain
Are you a beginner in Oracle Process Cloud Service and want to learn how to play with this and create processes, forms, etc. So here is the article for you to learn step by step. This guide will only take 30 minutes to complete.
In this article, we will create a simple Leave Requisition process in Oracle Process Cloud Service(PCS) which can help to understand the basics of PCS.
Enabling notification oracle process cloud service
Enable notification in 5 minutes: Oracle Process Cloud Service by Ankur Jain
Would you like to notify the user to take action (approve/reject) or just simply notify that some action has happened in middle of the process? Here is the article which helps you to enable the notifications in Oracle Process Cloud Service.
This article will not take more than 5 minutes to complete. Oracle PCS provides the Notify activity which allows us to send email notifications.
Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace Application
Announcing the Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace Application! By Michael Richter
Oracle is a leader in blockchain technology and launched the Oracle Blockchain Platform in July of 2018. With a lot of interest and early adoption by customers, the next step in this evolution was to make it easy for business users to implement and further transform their processes using pre-built blockchain applications.
Four pre-built blockchain applications for supply chain are coming soon. The first of these, Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace, is an application for businesses using supply chain management (available June 13, 2019.) 
Future of Supply Chain
The Future of Supply Chain Technology with Blockchain & IoT by Mario Vollbracht
The overall positioning of Blockchain, and the connection between Blockchain and IoT
In the consumer markets industries today, connected consumers are expecting a seamless, personalized and transparent shopping experience. Retailers and brand manufacturers alike have little choice but to respond, unless they want to be left behind. One key technology being discussed at length in this equation is blockchain. 
Additional New Material for PaaS Community
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Tech Dive: Creating an ATP Instance with Oracle Cloud  cta-arrow
VR Hits the Road  cta-arrow
Blockchain Records Are Forever cta-arrow
The research behind his advice• This Week’s Headlines: Blockchain Choice, Impending Disaster, Game Publishing Unbound and More  cta-arrow
Food Safety with Oracle Blockchain Platform cta-arrow
Mark Hurd: Bring in AI to Improve Service cta-arrow
Oracle Cloud Test Drive – San Francisco July 30  cta-arrow
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My private Corner - when leadership changes III
Vikas Anand
Vikas Anand the driver and great supporter of the PaaS Partner Community accepted a new challenge. As a friend and VP of Integration we will keep him in mind for the excellent support and the joint on-premises and cloud business.
Vikas message for the partner community: 17 years of fun times, challenging times and everything in between. Yes, the clock really ticks fast. And what an amazing ride this has been. Oracle provided me amazing opportunities through the years, to eventually lead the Oracle Integration Portfolio.

It’s bittersweet to leave a workplace you’ve enjoyed. I have had the privilege to meet many of you through the years during my travels to Oracle offices across the world. It has been a pleasure working alongside the incredible talent Oracle has. This place, this work, and its people have meant so much to me. I am #oracle and #oracleintegration proud!

I am very grateful for the support you have provided to me, and my team over the years - that has translated into the huge success Oracle integration has experienced. In the most recent Gartner MQ we are #2 in vision, and Oracle integration continues to march upwards vs the competition. We enter into FY20 with a stellar roadmap, amazing go to market, and new saas attach opportunities. Plus, you will have the support of the outstanding and passionate Oracle integration Product Management, and Engineering team!

None of us achieve in isolation, and the successes we’ve enjoyed together have been a result of our mutual cooperation, and collaboration. This collaboration and success will continue to amazing new levels with:
  • Scott Haaland and Jon Huang as your point of contacts for outbound support for SOA CS & OIC, and OIC4SaaS respectively
  • Siddharth Pande will be your contact for anything related to OIC product roadmap and plans
  • Jagdeep Singh on the team will help you build executive partner relationships
  • Jim Bole on the team is your point of contact for strategic customers deploying OIC, SOA CS etc
I will continue to track the progress of OIC albiet from a distance.

Stay in touch. Vikas Anand
Thank you and keep the flag of Oracle Integration flying high always!
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