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Oracle Entity Framework Core and Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code Now Released

This summer has been busy. It started with the Oracle Database 19c on Windows release. Now, Oracle is announcing the Oracle Entity Framework Core production release as well as a new extension for Visual Studio Code. Read on to learn more and to download.



Oracle Entity Framework Core Production Release

ODP.NET Entity Framework Core is available for free on to download. The production version supports Migrations and Reverse Engineering on Windows and Linux.

  • Download
  • Sample Code - getting started, dependency injection, and stored procedures with REF Cursors

New Release: Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code

Do you use Visual Studio Code for your day to day work? Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code is a free new extension available in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace that lets you stay in Visual Studio Code when you need to edit and execute SQL and PL/SQL. You can view and save result sets in formats such as CSV or JSON. Other features includes code snippets, syntax coloring, and intellisense. Visual Studio Code is available on Windows, Linux and macOS.

More to Come This Summer: ODAC 19c and VS 2019 Tools

ODP.NET 19c is already availabe via NuGet. The rest of ODAC 19c is on its way. MSI, Oracle Universal Installer, and Xcopy versions will be available for download on the Oracle website by the end of summer. ODAC 19c will include new Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2019.

Microsoft and Oracle Announce Cloud Partnership

Microsoft and Oracle recently announced a cloud interoperability partnership enabling customers to migrate and run mission-critical enterprise workloads across Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. Enterprises can now seamlessly connect Azure services, like Analytics and AI, to Oracle Cloud services, like Autonomous Database.



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All downloads below are free. Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) contains Oracle's .NET and Windows data access providers and tools, such as ODP.NET and Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio


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