Oracle Live Virtual Lab: Developer experience in lightweight service bus - Oracle Integration Cloud
28 August 2019
09:00 AM - 11:00 AM UK
(10:00 AM - 12:00 PM CET)
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Oracle Microservices
Developer experience in lightweight service bus  Oracle Integration Cloud
In today's application networks, there is a high proliferation of enterprise & productivity apps – they are highly standardized and not really customizable to business processes. Closing such app gap and creating connectivity layer with its maintenance - is necessity.

Reusing of existing services (built over the years) would be ideal option for exposure, but their original purpose is often very internally-driven and technically-driven rather than attached to any business process. Therefore, inevitability is to regularly rationalize higher-order composite services AGAIN, now in proper architectural style.

The hands on lab offers methodology implementation of composite service using modern developer productivity oriented lightweight service bus (Oracle Integration Cloud) for rapid ‘merge and invoke’ development

With Oracle Integration Cloud, you have the power to automate business processes, connect your cloud and on-premises applications, build great web and mobile applications, collect advanced metrics about your business, and get real-time analytics.

A team of Oracle experts will help and guide you, and provide live Q&A.
bullet Integrate Applications
bullet Automate Processes
bullet Make, break, build
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There is a Pre-Requisite for Attendance: In order to participate in this Lab you must register for the Oracle Cloud Trial or already have an active Oracle Cloud account. To register for the Trial please click here. Once the request is made, your account should be provisioned in about 30 minutes.
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