Oracle ACE Program
Oracle ACE Program Newsletter
August 2019
Jennifer Nicholson
Oracle ACE Program News
by Jennifer Nicholson
Director, Developer Advocacy Programs
In This Edition: 
bullet ACE Spotlight
bullet New and Promoted ACEs
bullet Passionate About Linux or Open Source?
bullet Gifts for ACE Program Members
bullet Oracle OpenWorld and Code One Update
bullet Oracle ACE Nominations
bullet ACEs in Action
bullet Product News
ACE Spotlight
Oracle ACE Becky Wagner
Oracle ACE Becky Wagner
This month we turn the spotlight on Oracle ACE Becky Wagner, senior analytics architect at US-Analytics, who was recently named to the ODTUG Board of Directors. Learn more about Becky in this interview recorded at Kscope 2019. 
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New and Promoted ACEs
Matheus Boesing
Matheus Boesing
ACE Director
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Ying Yifeng
Ying Yifeng
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Wayne Paffhausen
Wayne Paffhausen
ACE Associate
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Passionate About Linux and Open Source? 
Do you like to blog, present, or write about Linux or open source? If so, the Linux team/open source team would love to hear from you. Contact for more information.
Gifts for ACE Program Members
We will distribute the new yearly gift to continuing members during the ACE Director Product Briefing and the ACE dinner at Oracle OpenWorld. If you are not attending OpenWorld but you have an ACE friend that can pick up the gift for you, we can send your gift with that ACE. I will send out a survey in August for your gift and delivery preferences.

Please note that we cannot ship gifts to Bahrain, Colombia, Cuba, Indonesia, Israel, N. Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, and Turkmenistan.
Oracle OpenWorld / Code One Update
Conference Pass Waitlist
We had a huge number of requests for Oracle OpenWorld/Code One passes this year, so I am thrilled so many of you will be attending. If you received a conference pass code and registered for the conference and no longer need the pass, please let me know as soon as you can.

Many of you are on a waitlist for the Conference pass and I appreciate your patience. I am waiting to see who will not need their passes and then I will secure more to distribute to you.

Hotel: Registration Deadline Extended to August 22
If you are receiving travel support from the Groundbreakers program or want to use the ACE program room block, you need to book by August 22, 2019.

Self-Pay Hotel Block at the Hotel Abri
We have arranged for a limited number of hotel rooms for current Associates, ACEs, and ACE Directors who will self-pay (meaning they will not receive travel support from the ACE Program). The cost is approximately $400 per night (taxes included). Rooms are available on a first-come, first serve basis for dates between Sept 13-19, and must be booked by August 22, 2019. The booking code for self-pay rooms is: GBAAbri19
(The booking code is only for ACE program members and is non-transferable.)

Hotel Block at the Handerly Hotel for ACE Directors
If you are an ACE Director attending the ACE Director Briefing or presenting at Oracle OpenWorld, please use this code for the Handerly Hotel: GEliteHan19P
(The booking code is only for ACE Directors and Groundbreaker Ambassadors and is non-transferable.)

Conference Activities
We are already planning fun things for you for Oracle OpenWorld! Keep these dates in mind:

Saturday, Sept 14: Oracle ACE Director Briefing
Sunday, Sept 15: Groundbreaker Ambassador Briefing
Sunday, Sept. 15: Oracle ACE dinner
September 16-18: Volunteer in Groundbreakers Hub
Oracle ACE Nominations
If you nominated a candidate for the ACE award who will speak at an upcoming #GroundbreakersTour event, Oracle OpenWorld or Oracle Code One, please email me to prioritize the nomination review. Many of you know that I love surprising people on stage. :-)

We have several Groundbreaker Tours coming up:
Oracle Groundbreakers LATAM tour- August
Oracle Groundbreakers APAC tour- October
Oracle Groundbreakers EMEA tour- October
Oracle Groundbreakers Nordic tour- October
ACEs in Action
The ACEs in Action blog regularly publishes updates on the latest ACE content and activities, including articles, blogs, videos, upcoming presentations, and more. Here are some recent headlines:
bullet ACE Blog Posts - June 30-July 6, 2019: WebLogic, MySQL, APIs, Database, Chatbots, and More
bullet Recent ACE Blogs - June 2-8, 2019
bullet Latest Blog Posts by Members of the Oracle ACE Program: May 26-June 1
bullet Latest Articles by Oracle ACEs - May 2019
bullet Kscope 2019 Planning and Financial Close Sessions by Oracle ACEs
bullet Oracle ACE EPM Sessions at Kscope 2019
bullet Get Up to Speed with Oracle ACEs on the Kscope Database Track
bullet Kscope 2019 APEX Track Sessions by Oracle ACE Program Members
bullet Lastest Blog Posts from ACE Program Members - May 19-25, 2019
bullet Latest Blog Posts from Members of the Oracle ACE Program - May 12-18, 2019
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Product News
bullet Oracle iAnnounce Release of Helidon 1.2.
bullet Coherence Operator 1.0 is now available! Operate CoherenceClusters with Kubernetes
bullet Oracle unctions and Events: Managed Services for Conquering Complexity
Ask TOM Office Hours
Ask Tom Office Hours
The door is always open...
The latest sessions in the Ask Tom Office Hours series include:

JSON in Oracle Database,
Beda Hammerschmidt

Oracle Spatial and Graph
Carol Palmer

.NET and Visual Studio - Oracle
Christian Shay

Database Administration
Connor McDonald

Database Backup and Recovery
Tim Chien
...and more!
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