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Oracle Database Product Management Partner Webcast Series
Join us for these 30 minutes sessions to find out more about what's new in 19c:

- September 12, 10.00 AM CET: Oracle and JSON Documents

- September 25 , 10.00 AM CET : Application Continuity

- October 31 , 10.00 AM CET : Upgrading to 19c
September 12, 10.00 AM CET : Oracle and JSON Documents
This 30 minutes webcast aims to help you understanding JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data and how you can use SQL and PL/SQL with JSON data stored in Oracle Database.
Schemaless development based on persisting application data in the form of JSON documents lets you quickly react to changing application requirements. You can change and redeploy your application without needing to change the storage schemas it uses.
Oracle Database supports JSON data natively with relational database features, including transactions, indexing, declarative querying, and views. Oracle Database provides all of the benefits of SQL and relational databases to JSON data, which you store and manipulate in the same way and with the same confidence as any other type of database data.
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September 25, 10.00 AM CET : Application Continuity
This 30 minutes webcast aims to help you understand how to enable the replay, in a nondisruptive and rapid manner, of a request against the Oracle Database, after a recoverable error that makes the database session unavailable. The request can contain transactional and nontransactional work.
With a successful replay, the application can continue where that database session left off, instead of having users left in doubt not knowing what happened to their funds transfers, flight bookings, and so on, and avoiding the need to reboot mid-tier machines to recover from logon storms.
With Application Continuity, the end user experience is greatly improved by masking most of the outages, planned and unplanned, without the application developer needing to attempt to recover the request.
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October 31 , 10.00 AM CET : Upgrading to 19c
There are several ways to make use of the latest options and functionality in the Oracle Database. In this 30 minutes webcast, Product Management will give you an overview of the possibilities with regards to upgrading an existing database to the latest Oracle version (19c). We will show you paths, interesting Support notes and other materials that you can use during your upgrade or migration to the latest Oracle database version.
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