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The Data Drop:

Your monthly source for content from Oracle Data Cloud.
This month's Data Drop has everything you need to make this September your best one yet, including holiday season retail trends, top-of-funnel targeting tips, NFL insights, and much more.
How Thanksgiving affects holiday shopping trends
holiday shopping trends
Thanksgiving falls a week later than usual this year, which is expected to have a significant impact on retail sales and how you should approach holiday planning. Historical sales data from 2013 to 2015 reveals the following 3 trends you can take advantage of this year:
bullet Thanksgiving is typically the marker people use to determine when to start holiday shopping and the 2 to 3 weeks before Thanksgiving is when interest ramps up.
bullet There's more opportunity to generate sales longer into the season when there's a shorter period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas—like this year.
bullet This year, sales are projected to stay high until Christmas week, so keep those campaigns running until the big day to take advantage of any last-minute shopping missions.
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How to use context and audiences to drive brand awareness for retail campaigns
retail campaigns
Let’s sharpen your retail targeting strategies with some tips on how to use audiences and context segments to drive brand awareness at the top of the funnel.

For brand awareness, choose audiences based on lifestyle attributes and shopping styles to cast your advertising wide enough to maintain scale and reach, without compromising relevance.

Lifestyle audiences allow you to account for things like where consumers shop, what they buy, what websites they visit, and what their demographic and psychographic profiles are. Example audiences include:
bullet Young and hip
bullet Fashionistas
bullet Foodies
Shopping-style audiences allow you to zero in on audiences based on their actual shopping behaviors. Example audiences include:
bullet Deal seekers
bullet Luxury shoppers
bullet In-store shoppers
Context helps you align your brand awareness efforts with content that amplifies your brand and aligns with your core customers’ values. The context segments you choose will vary based on your target customer, but some examples of segments available include:
bullet Organic and natural goods
bullet Reducing your carbon footprint
bullet Charitable donations
bullet Celebrity influencers
bullet Family fun
The above tips are for driving brand awareness but what about the other stages of the buyer journey? Download our playbook to get targeting tips for all stages of the funnel and discover how to deliver more effective retail campaigns.
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Use data to get your campaigns to the end zone
With the 2019/2020 NFL season underway, there’s no better time to explore the data behind America’s most popular sport. With more than 136 million viewers in the U.S., American football is an advertising powerhouse. Last year, advertisers spent more than $4 billion during regular-season broadcasts, and nearly $450 million on the Super Bowl.

Oracle’s Premier Data Provider, Affinity Answers, uncovered some unique trends to help marketers target fans of the NFL this season. After measuring the affinities among 400 million people, the NFL teams, media properties, and more than 50,000 brands, here’s what they found:
shopping day during the holiday season
Score a touchdown with your next campaign   cta-arrow
3 KPIs to kick-start your measurement strategy
No matter what the campaign, getting an accurate measure of performance is crucial. But the challenge with media measurement is that it’s subjective to the business, brand, or campaign. However, there are 3 core KPIs you can focus on to gain a foundational view of performance before going into more in-depth metrics. 
bullet Media quality: Shows if your ads are reaching the right people and if they’re paying attention.
bullet Brand safety: Ensures you’re not compromising your brand by appearing next to inappropriate content.
bullet Performance and ROI: Reveals insights into metrics like sales lift and impact.
See what metrics ladder up to these KPIs below.
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100% viewability guaranteed with Teads
Teads TV
Global media platform Teads is leveraging its integration with Moat Analytics to give advertisers the ability to transact on cost per viewable impressions (vCPM). This allows advertisers to move away from optimizing for viewability on total impressions (CPM), which isn’t a reliable indicator of performance.
Key takeaways from the announcement:
bullet The integration allows advertisers to transact on any custom view duration as well as obtain KPI insights on billed impressions.
bullet Teads will report all KPIs at the billing event, providing clients with a much clearer understanding of the performance of their campaigns at that given duration. 
bullet They will also auction off 100% viewable impressions at any viewability requirement set by an advertiser, while the rest of the impressions not achieving the selected viewability benchmark will be offered as free media.
Read more about the announcement on the Teads website   cta-arrow
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