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JDK 13 Release
The JDK 13 General Availability release is planned for September 17, 2019. Check out the features of this release: 

350: Dynamic CDS Archives
351: ZGC: Uncommit Unused Memory
353: Reimplement the Legacy Socket API
354: Switch Expressions (Preview)
355: Text Blocks (Preview)

                      By Yolande Poirier, Java Community Manager  
                                   Redwood City, CA September 2019 
New Java Enhancement Proposals  
Learn more about new JEP 360, Sealed Types and JEP 359, Records (Preview)
JEP 357: Migrate from Mercurial to Git 
Migrating the OpenJDK Community's source code repositories from Mercurial (hg) to Git.
New OpenJDK Project 
Project Lanai's aim to implement a new graphics rendering pipeline for MacOS. 
Programmer's Guide To Text Blocks
This guide assembles practical usage advice for text blocks, along with some style guidelines. 
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bullet Know for Sure with Property-Based Testing
bullet New Switch Expressions in Java 12
bullet Java Development with Autonomous Transaction Processing Dedicated 
bullet Unit Test Your Architecture with ArchUnit
bullet For the Fun of It: Writing Your Own Text Editor, Part 1
bullet Getting Started with Kubernetes
bullet GraalVM: Native Images in Containers
bullet Containerizing Apps with jlink
bullet Code One Program Guide for Kubernetes  
bullet Check out these program guides for must-see sessions for all your Java development needs: Microservices, Jakarta EE, and Helidon
bullet Maximizing Performance with GraalVM
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