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JDK 13 Release is Out 
Start testing your applications with JDK 13 

Release Notes:

The JEPs in JDK 13 are:
350: Dynamic CDS Archives
351: ZGC: Uncommit Unused Memory
353: Reimplement the Legacy Socket API
354: Switch Expressions (Preview)
355: Text Blocks (Preview)

                        By Yolande Poirier, Java Community Manager  
                                   Redwood City, CA October 2019 
JEPs targeted to JDK 14
So far, JEP 352: Non-Volatile Mapped Byte Buffers is the first targeted JEP for JDK 14, which is planned for March 2020
Announcing the Duke Choice Awards Winners
The seven winners of the Duke Choice Awards are:
jUnit (Developer Productivity Recognition)
JavaBin (Ecosystem Enablement Recognition)
CarePay (Healthcare Innovation Recognition)
Jakarta EE (Open Source Contribution Recognition)
Dataverse (University/Higher Education Recognition)
Chris Thalinger (Community Recognition)
Denver Java User Group: (Developer Learning Recognition)
Code One Recorded Sessions
Watch videos from the Java premier conference. Session descriptions and slides are available on the Code One website
Oracle JDBC drivers on Maven Central 
Maven Central is a distribution center for Oracle JDBC drivers.
Starting with the latest release, previous and supported releases will soon be added.
New Java Enhancement Proposals
Learn more about new JEP 360, Sealed Types and JEP 359, Records (Preview)
JEP 357: Migrate from Mercurial to Git
Migrating the OpenJDK Community's source code repositories from Mercurial (hg) to Git.
New OpenJDK Project
Project Lanai's aim to implement a new graphics rendering pipeline for MacOS.
Oracle Cloud Free Tier  
Learn more about the always-free Oracle Cloud Free Tier and the $300 credit towards a 30-day free trial for other cloud services.
Test your Java knowledge
Take a weekly quiz and learn new tricks on Java programming languages, the JVM, performance, microservices, Docker, Java enterprise, and so much more.
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bullet Style Guidelines For Text Blocks
bullet Definitive Guide To Java 13
bullet How to Build a Fat JAR With Maven
bullet How to use JUnit 5 Assumptions to Perform Conditional Test Execution.
bullet Improve Launch Times On Java 13 With Application Class-Data Sharing
bullet Everything about Collector in Java
bullet GraalVM: Native Images in Containers
bullet Containerizing Apps with jlink
bullet Maximizing Performance with GraalVM
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