Oracle Support Essentials
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Oracle Support delivers essential training for our customers via live web conferences and recorded sessions. These webcasts are included in your Oracle Support services and are designed to help Oracle customers be more productive and effective when working with Oracle Support.

Oracle Support Essentials cover topics ranging from how to work effectively with Oracle Support, learning about preventative diagnostic tools, how to manage users and assets, and much more.

Explore the offered sessions below and click the "See Times and Register" link for the session of your choice. Bookmark Oracle Support Essentials December 2019 (Doc ID 1676694.1) for quick access to the latest Oracle Support Essentials schedule.
Live Webcasts
NOTE: Some session dates may carry over to a different day based on time zone.
Customer User Administration
In this session, you'll learn basic functions of the Customer User Administrator role and best practices for managing new and existing users access. In addition, you will gain an understanding of the access model for My Oracle Support, and learn about leveraging Support Identifier Groups.

Available in English | December 5 
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Finding Answers in My Oracle Support
This session is designed for users who want to gain expertise in searching My Oracle Support. Learn to find answers quickly and efficiently, by selecting the best search method and using the various search features to make your search more streamlined.

Available in English | December 19
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My Oracle Support Community
In this session, you will learn how you can leverage Oracle experts and industry peers to help you solve problems faster. Learn best practices to help you organize your own knowledge network, share your expertise, and build a reputation within your community.

Available in English | December 10 
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Oracle Cloud Support Portal
This session is targeted to customers who want to learn the basics of the Oracle Cloud portal. Learn about support best practices, terminology, and available resources. In addition, you'll learn how to best engage with Oracle Support.

Available in English | December 3, 5, 11 
Available in Spanish | December 10
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Service Request Flow and Best Practices
This session provides an overview of how to create, monitor, and maintain your service requests. Learn best practices that save time, help you avoid delays, and gain management attention on your service requests.

Available in English | December 10, 12, 18 
Available in Spanish | December 18
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Using My Oracle Support
This session provides an overview of My Oracle Support. You'll learn to customize your dashboard, search for content and patches, setup Hot Topics alerts, and create service requests. In addition, you learn how to leverage the Get Proactive portfolio and how to get started with My Oracle Support Community.

Available in English | December 4, 11, 12 
Available in Spanish | December 3
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Working Effectively with Support
In this session, you'll learn how you can increase productivity with time-saving tips and best practices. Maximize the health and availability of your software and systems through proactive tools and diagnostics, and leverage the insights and skills you gain to optimize your support experience.

Available in English | December 17 
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Working Effectively with Support - Taleo
This session is targeted to Cloud Taleo Users who want to get the most value from their Oracle Support contract. Learn about the different Cloud roles, best practices, and how to adopt the features and functionality that come with the Cloud Support portal and My Oracle Support portal.

Available in English | December 18
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* Includes recorded video and presentation for download.

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How-to Training Video Series
Tablet Touch
In addition to the live webcasts, Oracle Support offers How-to training videos to supplement topics discussed in the Essentials Series. The How-to training videos allow you to quickly learn the details of each feature in My Oracle Support in just a few minutes. You may easily select the videos by experience level, role, or task you are attempting to perform.

Please refer to How to use My Oracle Support - How-to Training Video Series (Doc ID 603505.2) for the available topics and videos.
Oracle Support Accreditation Series
Oracle Support Accreditation
The Oracle Support Accreditation Series offers training for best practices and tips directly from Oracle Support product experts to help maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. This is a great option if you wish to increase your expertise across the core Oracle Support tools, develop a customized toolkit of resources that align to your role, and implement recommended best practices, such as automated email updates, to save time and drive efficiency.

Start your learning path today by visiting the Oracle Support Accreditation - Series Index (Doc ID 1583898.2).