The MineSense Story: Smart Shovelling with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and APEX
June 30, 2020
12:00 p.m. EST
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Hear how Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse + APEX is powering smart and efficient Mining and enabling the “Scale Up” of startup company MineSense.
Join Oracle on June 30 to hear MineSense Chief Data Officer, Frank Hoogendoorn discuss how the company navigated growth to move from “start-up” to a “scale-up”. Hear also how Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse with built-in APEX helps power their ‘smart shovel’ technology, allowing real-time data collection and analysis as well as enabling MineSense to use machine learning-based algorithms to drive effective process decisions.

As a result of these improvements, MineSense has been able to set up a pivotal digital platform, transforming IT into a key driver for continued growth.

Learn how MineSense:

     • Reduced implementation time from weeks or months to days
     • Experienced over 2x performance improvement
     • Implemented a secure, scalable infrastructure
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