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Know the facts. Learn why Zoom, 8x8, Cisco and other major industry players have chosen OCI over AWS
Today we started a significant campaign to draw customers attention to the economic reasons, as well as performance reasons, that Zoom, 8x8, Cisco and others have chosen OCI. Central to this campaign will be an aggressive, fact based campaign against the market leader, AWS.

I wanted to make you aware of the elements of the campaign and provide you with data points and messaging from the campaign if you choose to help amplify our message to our shared customers through your sales and marketing efforts. I think we have an amazing story to tell the market and hope you’ll help share it broadly with your teams.

The campaign consists of a landing page that goes into detail on the specific cost savings of OCI compared to AWS across network services, high IO compute and general compute scenarios and makes a solid case in every category for AWS customers to consider moving as other customers have. The call to action on the landing page is the use of a cost comparison tool to compare their costs to OCI and a call to action to contact sales. Additionally, there are amplifying blog posts and promotions from Oracle Social media on our official Twitter, LinkedIn and on the OCI Blog you can use in your own writing – please tag any posts with any and all of the following terms: #CloudInfrastructure, #Infrastructure, #cloudplatform, #OracleCloud

This campaign aims to clearly establish Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a leader in price/performance for customers, but for you as a partner, this means more efficient platforms to deliver services and solutions on with more of the customers spend available to you for your software and services – this increase in available budget for solutions means you can take your customers farther, faster, when you deploy on OCI.

Below are some elements of the campaign so you can get an idea of what our customers are saying and some data points on the OCI difference, we hope this campaign accelerates your customers solutions and helps advance your outcomes as a partner.

Good selling,

Ross Brown
VP, Product Go-To-Market
Customer Stories
8x8 moved its video meetings services from AWS to Oracle for a savings of more than 80 percent in network outbound costs, global reach, and substantial performance enhancements—experiencing more than a 25 percent increase in performance per node.

Workforce Software calculates that they will save 20% over maintaining their own datacenters and nearly 70% over their current public cloud provider with Oracle.

• “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was the best balance between performance and cost for ‘Age of Ishtaria,’ enabling players to gain a better user experience while also delivering 65 percent cost savings compared to previous cloud service. Those savings then allow us to reinvest in new events and campaigns for our customers.” – Mr. Yuki Horikoshi, general manager of engineering, Mynet Inc.

• “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has proven to be 60 percent more cost-effective on compute and they were able to take out the overhead cost of data transfer and Kubernetes-based container services. With these cost savings, we’ve been able to increase R&D productivity by opening up more environments while staying within budget” – Katie Horvath, CEO, Naveego

• The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform meets our challenging requirements of performance and scale, has increased the efficiency of workloads up to 40 percent and decreased networking costs by 70 percent. This allows us to pass significant savings on to our customers.”- Dr. Stefan Birrer, Chief Software Architect and Co-Founder, Phenix
OCI Economics
• If you transfer 1 petabyte of data out every month, you’ll save over $46,000 a month on network charges alone on Oracle Cloud over AWS

• Our block storage offers as much as 20x the IOPS performance for 57.5% less cost, at any capacity, compared to AWS

• Running a high-performance volume from 100 GB to 700 GB with maximum IOPS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is 98.2% less cost, at all capacities, compared to AWS

• Our E3 instances are significantly cheaper and higher performance than both of AWS’ general purpose and memory optimized instance families, saving you up to 60% for more performance

• We designed our HPC instances for the most computationally intensive workloads requiring the fastest single-threaded performance and the lowest latency network with a unique direct-memory interconnect network. You can’t get this at any price on AWS, but their closest offer in comparison is 44% more expensive for far lower performance

• Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers consistent global pricing – AWS doesn’t

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