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Oracle Linux and Virtualization Newsletter  August 2020
Tux Tech Talks
Oracle launches Tux Tech Talks
One of the most popular requests from our readers has been how to get the most from their Linux and virtualization support. We are happy to announce Tux Tech Talks, a new technical interactive virtual event series. Join us the second Wednesday of each month to interact with Oracle experts and learn useful tips about Oracle Linux and Virtualization. Find out more.
VirtualBox leadership
G2 Grid® report recognizes VirtualBox leadership 
Oracle VM VirtualBox continues it's leadership position in the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) software category of the latest Summer 2020 G2 Grid® report. Products are ranked by customer satisfaction and market presence. Read the G2 report.
Business critical applications
Enabling secure remote access to business critical applications
Watch this on-demand webcast to learn how you can use Oracle VM VirtualBox to provide remote workers access to restricted applications securely, help protect classified data and avoid the cost and disruption associated with rearchitecting restricted applications. Watch now.
Switching to Oracle Linux
Switching to Oracle Linux—A Total Value Analysis by Evaluator Group 
Read this paper with in-depth interviews of customers across multiple industries, from healthcare to financial services, insurance, as well as consumer and enterprise software to learn about the values they saw by switching to Oracle Linux. Read now.
Oracle's open source strategy
Oracle's open source strategy and the upstream impact of its contributions 
Watch this Cube interview with Wim Coekaerts, SVP of Engineering at Oracle, to learn about Oracle's open source strategy and the upstream impact of its contributions. Watch now.
VMware vSphere
Why is KVM winning over VMware vSphere?
Watch this on-demand webcast to hear from a panel of experts about what they see as the advantages of KVM over VMware vSphere. Discussion topics include: performance and scalability, management solutions, software licensing advantages, and how easy or difficult is it to move from vSphere to KVM. Watch now.
Spacewalk 2.10 for Oracle Linux
Spacewalk 2.10 Server for Oracle Linux 7 along with updated Spacewalk 2.10 Client for Oracle Linux 7 and Oracle Linux 8 is now available. Find out more.

Oracle Linux 8 support with Oracle Enterprise Manager 
Oracle Linux 8 is now supported within the Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Oracle Linux Home portal and as a host target. Learn more

Ubuntu as a supported Guest OS
Oracle Linux KVM now supports Canonical Ubuntu as a guest Operating System (OS) on top of Oracle Linux KVM. Find out more.

Latest Oracle VM VirtualBox release
Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1.12 release is now available. It includes improvements and regression fixes for Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1. Get the details.

Oracle Linux 7 Update 9 Beta
Available now, this beta release for the 64-bit Intel and AMD and 64-bit Arm platforms includes bug fixes, security fixes, and enhancements. It is 100% application binary compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Update 9 Beta. Get the details.

Shoe Carnival increases security and availability
Learn why one of North America’s largest family footwear retailers switched from Red Hat Enterprise Linux over to Oracle Linux and what benefits they are seeing. Read more.

How to automate an Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c agent install
Learn how to automate the installation of the Oracle Enterprise Manager agent as part of the Virtual Machine provisioning process using tools within Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. Get the details.

Get the most from Oracle Linux on Oracle Cloud
Learn about the many advantages of deploying Oracle Linux for running applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Find out more.

DTrace for the application developer 
For application developers trying to understand performance problems DTrace offers many useful features such as printing a list of the user-defined functions that are called by the target executable. Find out more.

Pella optimizes IT infrastructure and reduces license costs
Find out how a window and door manufacturing company transformed their IT infrastructure with a newly virtualized environment using Oracle Linux and Virtualization. Read more.

Getting started with the Vagrant Libvirt Provider for Oracle Linux
We now support the libvirt provider for our Oracle Linux Vagrant Boxes. This blog post will guide you through the simple steps needed to use these new boxes on your Oracle Linux host. Read now.

Btrfs on the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 6
Learn about the new features and enhancements for Btrfs that are available in the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 6. Get the details.

Oracle VM Windows PV Driver release
The Oracle VM Windows PV Driver release 3.4.5 is available now and offers both new features and cumulative bug fixes. Learn more.

Latest Oracle VM release
Oracle VM release is available now and offers an updated Oracle VM Manager with new feature support, security updates and cumulative bug fixes. Get the details.
DevOps environments
On-demand webcast: Improving the security of DevOps environments
What can be done to address the security of cloud native environments from a DevOps perspective? Watch this on-demand webcast to learn how Oracle's cloud native infrastructure can help your DevSecOps programs. Watch now.
On-demand webcast
On-demand webcast: Automate and speedup your security patching with Ksplice
Find out how Oracle Ksplice can help improve the security and availability of your infrastructure while reducing operational costs in this on-demand webinar. Watch now.
Oracle Linux KVM
Oracle Tux Tech Talk: How to migrate from VMware vSphere to Oracle Linux KVM
Find out how to automate the migration from other proprietary hypervisor solutions to open source Oracle Linux KVM managed by Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM). Watch the on-demand webinar.
Video: Ksplice demo
Video: Ksplice demo
Watch this demonstration of how Ksplice live patching works in real time. See how security fixes are implemented while the system continues to run. Watch now.
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COMSOL develops simulation software that drives breakthroughs in physics and engineering. COMSOL Multiphysics® is used in all areas of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research for modeling systems where multiple physical phenomena are coupled. Through mathematical modeling, customers use the software to understand, predict, innovate, and optimize product designs and processes. COMSOL also provides users the tools to create their own simulation apps, based on their models, and to distribute them to collaborators with or without simulation experience. Starting with release 5.5, COMSOL Multiphysics has tested and officially supports Oracle Linux 8.2.
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