Developing new adapters with Oracle Cloud Adapter SDK for Oracle Integration Cloud
Partner Webcast @OracleIMC
February 07th, 2019
10am CET (9am GMT/11am EET)
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Alexandru Dinea
Oracle EMEA A&C Cloud Adoption & Implementation Consultant
Today’s Modern IT supports new requirements by making IT infrastructure more accessible and available based on demand. IT infrastructure can be made available both in your datacenter on-premise or be quickly provisioned on public clouds. This makes the use of integration between applications, systems, data and even entire IT environments more needed than ever. Such integrations can occur between different cloud providers and platforms, as well as between cloud-hosted and local or on-premises resources.
Without cloud integration, IT would need to perform all of these integration tasks separately and manually -- a process that is time-consuming and increases the opportunity for error. With Oracle Integration Cloud, you have the power to automate business processes, connect your cloud and on-premises applications, and build web and mobile applications—all in one place.
Oracle Integration Cloud offers a combination of machine learning, embedded best-practice guidance, prebuilt integration, and process automation. All of these prebuilt integrations are possible through the use of adapters. Adapters facilitate the connection to different components in an IT infrastructure model. There is a complete list of adapters available for Oracle Integration Cloud and a certification matrix as well.
But what happens when there is no adapter for the resource you are trying to connect to? 
In this case, which can be also a partner opportunity, Oracle allows the use of the available Oracle Cloud Adapter SDK to create your own adapter. 
Join us on this webcast and find out more about Oracle Integration Cloud and how Oracle Partners can benefit from the use of Oracle Cloud Adapter SDK to create their own adapter directly addressing customer requirements for integration.
@OracleIMC Partner Webcast
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