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Dear Partners,
Welcome to the FY20 Q1 edition of the EMEA Oracle MySQL Partner Newsletter. After a very strong end to FY19, I trust that like our own MySQL Alliances & Channels team that you are refreshed and ready to go again after any Summer vacations.

As a reminder, the purpose of newsletter is to share and update you with any significant changes to the MySQL product line, events we’ve run (or are running) and to share new business-related collateral that are relevant for us across EMEA. So please feel free to pass this to any of your sales or marketing colleagues.

For FY20, our MySQL A&C team remains the same overlaying all our partners and MySQL Sales team. For the MySQL Sales, there’s been a change to create four new teams focused on Key Oracle Accounts, MySQL Prime Accounts, Renewals and Embedded / ISV. These changes were brought in to encourage a higher focus on new business. If you’re therefore contacted at a local level by somebody from MySQL that’s new to your territory, just be aware of the change.

Q1 is always our quietest quarter for events but even so, we managed to run several across our territory. Some to specifically mention were –In the UK, we had the SCC Sales-kick off event and also MySQL technical bootcamp for three days key partners like Capgemini, BT, Leidos and Fujitsu. In Finland we had a combined Tech Data / Xaas IT MySQL day. In South Africa, Partner enablement meetings with Axis / First Distribution and BCX. Finally a we sponsored of the Arrow DE summer forum event in Munich – which you can read more about later.

Protecting your customers data is imperative. Tools which help avoid data breaches are becoming business critical. MySQL Enterprise Edition provides the additional security and 24x7 support, for customers to protect your customers data and meet European standards such as GDPR. This is the critical benefit of MySQL Enterprise edition and the central reason for upgrading from Community versions. Links to our New Security Campaign in a Box for MySQL Enterprise Edition – where there is a wealth of assets to assist you and your front line teams are also shown.

Developing pipeline is the key to driving new business and now is the time to start planning. For that we even have a seminar from the OPN team to help you automate your Digital Marketing too.

One last thing to close, please remember that our team are here to help you with anything related to MySQL - so feel free contact us at any time.


David G. (and the MySQL team -Laszlo Ludas, Neville Tanzer, Archie Dhaliwal)
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MySQL Introduction Video
Arrow Sommerforum, Munich, Germany
It may be summertime, but it’s still business as usual in the Bavarian capital, A bustling vibrate city, famous for its beer and of course of the home of the October Festival, but it also hosts some of the world’s leading commercial operations such as BMW, MAN, Stadtwerke, Siemens and Allianz.

The premier event for MySQL in Germany for Q1 was the Arrow Sommerforum an annual event which provides a forum for partners and customers to come together and network with leading vendors (including MySQL), in casual and relaxed environment. PRATERINSEL is the setting for the Sommerforum, located in the heart of the city on the Prater island that divides and controls the Isar River. Formerly a factory halls for the schnapps distillery it provided the cultural backdrop to the venue.

"The event is an important date in the MySQL Enterprise calendar. We see MySQL Enterprise Edition product becoming a key focus for government and private businesses for two reasons, meeting open-source initiatives & deliver on data security mandates like GDPR. Germany is one of our key regions and the Sommerforum is always a great opportunity to meet existing resellers and while develop relationships with new partners and customers" - Neville Tanzer, Central EMEA Channel and Alliances Manager.

Susanne Endress, Managing Director of Arrow Germany, gave a warm welcome to all to enjoy the event and also participate in the many keynote sessions and open forums. The key topics of conversation that aligned the event was focused on IoT, Cloud, Data Center and Security. MySQL had a table at the Data Center wing of the exhibition hall, and MySQL was joined with other vendors such as Red Hat, Intel, Oracle cloud, VMware and Fortinet.

Throughout the day many keynote sessions filled the conference areas and the open discussions were delivered in the corners of the open-are courtyard.

For more information on MySQL and how you can leverage Enterprise professional Database technology please contact Neville Tanzer: | LinkedIn | Twitter.
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MySQL Makes an Impression at SCC UK Sales Kick-Off
On May17th, MySQL was a Silver sponsor of the SCC UK Sales Kick-off, with over 40 other sponsors including technology vendors such as HP, Nutanix, IBM, Fortinet, Microsoft and Citrix.
Archie Dhaliwal (UK & Nordics Alliances & Channel Manager), Jim Gallagher (MySQL Sales Manager UK&I), Garreth McCullagh (MySQL EMEA Channel Marketing Manager) supported the 1 day event from MySQL.

“This is the second time that we have sponsored the SCC SKO UK. The event provides key opportunities for us to meet SCC sales executives, develop and also discover how MySQL can work together with customers to provide value in current and untapped markets.” - Archie Dhaliwal

The MySQL stand was extremely busy throughout the day and received a lot of interest from new and old faces. There was over 200 SCC sales in attendance and many called by the stand to learn more about MySQL, have their badge scanned and pickup information on the MySQL Enterprise Edition product. The winner of the GoPro Raffle prize was Andrew Stanton ( see photo above). As with any Sales Kick Off, the finale of the day of the SCC Awards Dinner where MySQL hosted a table. the black tie event was a celebration and an opportunity to network with fellow MySQL SCC sales teams and enjoy some entertainment.

SCC is one of MySQL’s top resellers globally SCC (MySQL Value Added Reseller) is an independent Information Technology services business, with over 2,500 customers in more than 50 countries. SCC plans, supplies, integrates and manages IT for leading public and private sector businesses across Europe. The business operates from 75 locations in the UK, France, Spain and Romania. SCC UK hosted annual sales kick-off (SKO) on May 17. The venue, the National Conference Centre, Birmingham.

For further information and support, please contact Archie Dhaliwal:

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New EMEA MySQL Bootcamps for October and November
EMEA Technical Bootcamps have been established now for the last numer of years and have are value training for any partners wishing to become an expert on MySQL Enterprise Edition.

David Gilfillan, Senior MySQL Channel and Alliances Sales Manager says " We have trained over 140 people in countries such as UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, and South Africa. The course are limited in size, to allow the best learning opportunity for anyone that attends. The courses are intense, but it allows the partner to gain the confidence to sell and deliver MySQL Enterprise Edition to their customers."

To continue the program we have announced 3 new bootcamps in october and november covering the South Africa, Poland and the UK.

Please contact your local channel account manager for more information on dates and how to sign-up. (Subject to Oracle University course updates)
New! Marketing campaign - MySQL Enterprise Security 
With data breaches and insider attacks constantly in the news, security is now a top priority for all organizations.
How can you ensure that your MySQL databases are protected against external attacks and misuse of information while achieving regulatory compliance?

Download these ready-to-use campaign materials to discover:

• Best practices to guard against security threats
• Advanced MySQL Firewall, Authentication, Auditing and Encryption features
• What’s new in MySQL 8.0 to improve security
Download marketing materials here cta-arrow
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MySQL, what’s in it for me?

Did you know, the free version of MySQL (Community Edition) is the most widely-used open-source database platform today with millions of installations? Many of your customers are already using MySQL, opening new opportunities and revenue potential by upgrading to MySQL Enterprise Edition (EE) for the partner community, while providing solutions to your customer's pain points.

Help your customers upgrade from MySQL Community Edition to MySQL EE to handle the challenges that arise when applications become vital to critical business functions and revenue.

Visit below landing page to see what is in MySQL for you and your customers (based on individual personas).
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Partner Enablement
Digital Marketing Automation Training!

OPN Partners are invited to join us the first Tuesday of each month to learn how the Oracle Channel Marketing Automation Service makes digital marketing easy. Register here for the next training when we share insight into how to nurture leads from attention to action by using email campaigns, content, and data analysis. 
Register for the training cta-arrow
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Growing your Deal Size Webinar

This informative webcast replay will cover the most common configurations and environments that will require a MySQL Enterprise Edition license, how to position MySQL Enterprise Edition for multiple servers, and the added features included with MySQL Enterprise Edition.
Watch webcast replay cta-arrow
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New Case Study
NJ India Invest Boost Financial Transaction Processing with MySQL Enterprise Edition 90% faster backup and restore with MySQL Enterprise Edition. 
Read case study cta-arrow
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The MySQL ISV-OEM Corner
The MySQL Theme of the Month: MySQL Enterprise Security

Hacker attacks are increasingly sophisticated - but MySQL can help. On top of the huge range of security features in MySQL Enterprise Edition, the latest version MySQL 8.0 delivers even more. Stricter access permissions, advanced encryption, data masking and more – to help you minimize risk, protect your data and facilitate regulatory compliance. The MySQL Enterprise Edition includes security enhancements that enable organizations to guard against internal and external attacks while complying with the most stringent data protection regulations.
Check out the resources below to learn how you can ensure your database security with MySQL Enterprise Edition.
bullet White paper: MySQL Enterprise Edition and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  
bullet Presentation: MySQL Security Best Practices
bullet Webcast: MySQL for your Businesses Regulatory Compliance and Security 
bullet Webcast: Learn How to Secure your Database
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Latest Product Updates
New Release: MySQL for Excel 1.3.8
View the complete list of changes
Download MySQL for Excel
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MySQL Live Events
Oracle's MySQL team is running numerous free MySQL live events worldwide. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your MySQL questions answered directly by the MySQL experts at Oracle on the latest MySQL Product releases and many new features, their applicability and benefits for your products.

Check out a live MySQL event in your area on the MySQL Events page.
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Advance Your Skills with MySQL Training from Oracle University
There is a reason why MySQL is the world’s most popular open-source database as well as the database of choice for the most innovative properties on the Web, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Uber, and

With MySQL training from Oracle University, you can either start your career as a MySQL Database Administrator or Developer or you can learn how to leverage the great advantages that this software affords its customers. MySQL training allows you to learn how to administer the MySQL Database and provides insight into some of the advanced functionality as well. 

Learn MySQL from Oracle experts who will teach you about the fundamentals of MySQL, administering MySQL, developing for MySQL and performance tuning techniques.
MySQL Training can be taken through separate course or learned through our MySQL Learning Subscription which includes lessons on MySQL Security, InnoDB, Document Store, MySQL Cloud, MySQL Workbench and more.
Gain the skills you need to learn how you can benefit from MySQL technology. 
Learn more about MySQL Training cta-arrow
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MySQL Channel Managers:
Vicki Holteen, AMER West Alliances & Channel Manager
Patti Curtin, AMER East Alliances & Channel Manager
Michael Moore, AMER East Alliances & Channel Manager
Dawn Thurston, AMER Public Sector Alliances& Channel Manager
Michele King, AMER Alliances & Channel Manager-Federal SIs
Sharion Wardlow, AMER West Alliances & Channel Manager
Angela Sims, AMER Alliances & Channel Manager, SLED
Leticia Gimenes, LAD Alliances & Channel Manager
Claudia Andrea Chavez, LAD Alliances & Channel Manager,
Laura Cecilia Madrid Santiesteban,
LAD Alliances & Channel Manager
David Gilfillan, EMEA Alliances & Channel Sales Manager
Laszlo Ludas, EMEA South and East Alliances & Channel Sales Manager
Neville Tanzer, EMEA Central Alliances & Channel Sales Manager
Archie Dhaliwal, EMEA UK & Nordics Alliances & Channel Sales Manager
Hiromasa Yazaki, JAPAN MySQL Sr. Sales Director,
Max Phoon, ASEAN MySQL Alliances & Channels Manager,
Kamil Gurgen, ANZ MySQL Channel & Alliances Manager,
Sandeep Angresh, APAC Senior Sales Director,
Selina Li, Greater China MySQL Channel Sales Manager,
Phil Hyun, Korea MySQL Channel Sales Manager,
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