Week of April 23, 2018
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Jeff Erickson
Autonomous IT Now
How will autonomous technology services alter business strategies and change the nature of IT? Companies using Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud are providing some of the earliest answers. For example, for the first time ever, a businessperson who isn’t an expert in IT can order up a powerful, autonomous data warehouse and be ready to load huge amounts of data—accomplishing in minutes what might have taken a DBA days to set up.

“This gives database superpowers to business people who never had it before,” says Accenture Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Paul Daugherty. Read more about how Daugherty and fellow leaders in business and tech are using autonomous IT right now.

— Jeff Erickson, Oracle Editor at Large
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Video: Los Angeles Lakers Shoot and Score with the Cloud
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Report: Companies Trust the Cloud with Sensitive Data
The good news: An Oracle/KPMG study shows that 62% of organizations consider the security of cloud-based enterprise applications to be better than the security of their on-premises applications and that another 21% consider such security to be as good. The caveat: companies must be proactive about their cloud-based data security.
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Tony’s Chocolonely Delivers Fair Trade—and High Growth
Tony’s Chocolonely works with farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast so they can improve yields by using sustainable farming practices while earning a living wage. Helping nourish the next phase of growth: a cloud-based budgeting and planning service integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP).
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Survey: Up-To-Date Tech Is Top Cloud EPM Benefit
In a survey of more than 400 finance and IT leaders, respondents said they first moved to cloud enterprise performance management (EPM) primarily for economic reasons, including avoiding on-premises upgrades and infrastructure investment and lowering TCO. They got those benefits but also found that the biggest advantage from the cloud comes from staying current on technology.
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The Relatively Easy Way to Build a Spaceship
The cost of failure in space is huge, given that a satellite can cost more than $100 million. AirBorn makes components for such spacecraft—components that can be combined into countless potential configurations. AirBorn uses a cloud-based self-service platform to let its customers configure its products while helping ensure that everything fits together properly.
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GraalVM Gives Developers a Speedy Polyglot Runtime
Developers often want to use more than one programming language, but it can be a challenge to turn such polyglot programs into a fast-running finished application. That’s why there’s excitement about GraalVM, a new open source just-in-time compiler that creates faster multilanguage programs.
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Bonobo AI Leverages the Cloud to Help Customers Close Deals
Bonobo AI, a graduate of the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator, offers an artificial intelligence platform that analyzes a customer’s real-time interactions and drives a personalized experience. See how it works.
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