Week of April 30, 2018
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John Foley
The New Cloud ERP
Old, complex enterprise resource planning software systems are giving way to a new generation of cloud-based ERP applications that offer companies big advances in automation, ease of deployment, and artificial intelligence–based analytics. There’s a lot for CFOs to like, including that they can “get rid of spreadsheets, get out of customizations, lower costs, and get better reporting,” Oracle CEO Mark Hurd said. Hurd shared his insights on the future of ERP in a wide-ranging conversation with Ray Wang, founder and principal analyst of Constellation Research and one of tech’s leading ERP experts.

The discussion touched on the many opportunities for business process improvement with the new generation of cloud ERP and the potential to reduce the capital investment in systems and data centers needed to run on-premises ERP. Get more insights from Hurd and Wang, plus data from Constellation Research’s 2018 survey of CFO priorities.

— John Foley, Senior Director of Oracle Content Central
Video: Infosys Uses the Cloud to Manage and Secure IT Compliance
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Are Your Eyes Bothering You? Try a Nasal Spray
Oyster Point Pharma will begin clinical trials this year of two anti-inflammatory substances that can help patients who experience chronic dry eye—a very painful condition. Surprisingly, both medications are delivered as nasal sprays. The company is using the Oracle Health Sciences InForm platform to manage the trials.
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Solve the Right Problems with Your New HR System
Wagstaff, an equipment manufacturer, knew that it would be a huge mistake to automate outdated human resources practices when upgrading to a modern cloud-based human capital management system. Instead, the company used the upgrade as an opportunity to re-evaluate all of its processes and adopt industry best practices.
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Lessons Learned on the Front Line of Digital Business
Businesses are constantly needing to modernize. But today the array of new cloud technologies available, the gargantuan amounts of data on tap, and the disruptive force of startups give businesses the ability and incentive to go farther and faster in modernization than ever before.
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Five Subjects Every Computer Science Student Should Learn
Academic programs can barely keep pace with lightning-fast technology changes. Yet if computer science students are to contribute meaningfully to the field in industry or research jobs, it’s critical that they learn the most-modern computing skills. Here are five subjects every undergraduate computer science major needs to learn.
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Practical Insights into Improving the Customer Experience
Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, predictive analytics, social media, and more are turning marketing, sales, service, and other customer-facing functions on their head. At Oracle Modern Customer Experience in Chicago, a wide range of experts offered their insights on how to make good use of these innovations.
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Four M&A Tips from the Experts on the Front Lines
Don’t try to jam a spare peg into a round hole: when you expand into an industry you’ve not operated in before, or are trying a new business model, you have to make some adjustments, experts advise. Here are four tips from Oracle, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Pike Corporation for executing a successful merger or acquisition transaction.
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ClubCorp Cuts Its Data Center Footprint
ClubCorp operates an elite collection of private golf and country clubs, business clubs, sports clubs, and alumni clubs. The company was able to reduce its data center footprint by a factor of 4 by moving to a cloud-first strategy.
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